Press TV imposes Rape over its Employees


After banning me from commenting on their official Facebook page (Link below), and after violating my right to express my views and seek knowledge enshrined in article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which stipulates that: “Everyone has the right to freedom of ‪#‎opinion‬ and ‪#‎expression‬…”; Press TV, (an ‪#‎extremist‬ Iranian TV Channel), moves on to start sexually harassing its employees and imposing illegal sex (rape) over them. And the funny thing is that they claim implementing Sharia/Islamic Law and that their country is so “Islamic”. FAIL!

Former Press TV anchor Sheena Shirani was ‪sexually harassed‬ at work by her boss, and news editor, Hamid Reza Emadi. She was obliged to leave Iran, and now she is fighting back against the filthy abuse. She has published countless messages from ‪#‎Emadi‬ on her Facebook page. She has also released a tape recording of a conversation she had with Emadi. In the conversation, Emadi asks Shirani to satisfy him ‪#‎sexually‬ because he’s helped her in the past!

For those of you who don’t know Press TV and its family, well let me tell you that this TV Channel works as a propaganda machine which disrespects its audience, as for example it disrespected 80 millions of Iranian people in 2009. The channel works for a Dictatorship regime which raped Iranian youths in ‪#‎Kahrizak‬ detention in 2009. Sheena’s boss Hamid Reza Emadi was whom interviewed detained Iranian Human Rights activists to make a propagandistic documentary in ‪#‎Evin‬ prison in 2009. This sexual harassment incident is nothing but a small dirty drop in a very filthy sea of violations committed by the Iranian regime and its tools. This TV Channel is a very important propaganda machine for the Iranian regime.

Millions of ‪#‎Iranians‬ including women and children are deprived from their rights in Iran. You realise now a bit only of what Iranian people have realized during their life in Iran under the control of a ‪‎Dictatorship regime‬ claims to be Islamic, but has nothing to do with Islam and Muslims!

I personally understand why Press TV is crazy about violating Human Rights and recently making ‪#‎sex‬ with its ‪#‎employees‬ as I worked in this field for many years. I believe, this policy of raping women implemented by the channel and before it the government is nothing but an implementation for what they call “Muta’a/Pleasure Marriage/زواج المتعة” which their religion obliges them to commit under the pretext of being more Islamic!!

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Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Media.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Uppsala, Sweden


Churches or Iran’s Religion?

#Iran/#Ahwaz: January 2016

(English Version below)

النّظام الإيراني مرّةً أخرى يعاود إنتهاك حقوق الأقليات المسيحيّة الأشوريّة في إيران متجاهلاً حريّة المعتقد وإقامة الشعائر الدّينيّة التي كفلها الإعلان العالمي لحقوق الإنسان والعديد من المواثيق الدوليّة ومن قبلها الدّستور الإيراني نفسه، وذلك عبر تحويل كنيسة آشوريّة إلى حسينيّة شيعيّة بالقوّة في طهران كما فعلوا في السنوات الماضية منذ 1980 الى يومنا هذا مع المسلمين السنّة العرب والكورد والبلوش والتركمان وغيرهم من السكّان الأصليين في إيران عبر تحويل مساجدهم إلى حسينيّات أو هدمها كلّيّاً، وكأنّ أضرحتهم وحسينيّاتهم الطائفيّة أكثر قدسيّة
وتديّناً من الكتائس ومساجد أهل السنّة
لكنّ التشدّق بحقوق الإنسان لدى النظام الإيرانيّ ليس بجديد إذ أنّ عقيدة وديانة هذه الدّولة فاسدة تحثّها على النفاق. والنفاق الإيراني هذا ما هو إلّا الصّورة التطبيقيّة لما يسمّى “التقيّة” أو “الكذب” والتي هي من صلب عقيدتهم إذ أنّها تمثّل تسعة أعشار الدين ولا دين لمن لا تقية له عندهم… هكذا قال علمائهم! وهي ركن من أركان دينهم كالصّلاة والزكاة وغيرها إذ قال ابن بابويه وهو عالم من علمائهم: ” اعتقادنا في التقية أنها واجبة، من تركها كان بمنزلة من ترك الصلاة “، كتاب الإعتقادات ص 114.

The filthy Iranian regime indulges in its ignorance against the core human rights of religious minorities in Iran as this regime violated recently the religious freedom of Assyrian Christians by converting a Church into a so called “Hussainia” (Shiite prayer venue) by force. These unjustified and illegal actions by Iran are not new for such a filthy regime, as Iran worked systematically in the period from 1980 till now on removing and destroying Mosques for Sunni Muslims, Arabs, Kurds, Baluchis, Turkmen and others whom are considered indigenous people to this land, Iran.

But allegations thrown by this regime about respecting and recognising Human Rights for all people is not a novelty, as the religion and the doctrine this country follows, is corrupt itself, since it urges its rulers to act like hypocrites by lying and changing facts according to their desires and interests. The Iranian hypocrisy is nothing but the application of the so called “Taqy’ia” or “lying”, which is one of the pillars, fundamentals and the core of their religion and faith since it represents nine-tenths (9/10) of their religion, and their scholars confirm that “No religion to those who have no Taqy’ia! Furthermore, it is considered a pillar exactly as “Prayer”, “Zakat-Charity”, “Pilgrimage” etc. of that of Sunni Muslims, as one of their scholars and religious leaders “Abu Ja’far Muhammad ibn ‘Ali ibn Babawaih al-Qummi” referred to as “Ibn Babawayh” or “Al-Shaykh al-Sadeq” (the truthful scholar) said in his (Book of Beliefs p.114), “Our belief in “Taqy’ia” is obligatory, whoever leaves it will be considered as those who leave “Al-Salat” (Prayer)!!

Government bodies in the Iranian capital Tehran few days ago, seized a Church of the Assyrian minority in the country, under the pretext of building a Shiite shrine, as if the Shiite Shrines are more sacred and religious than Churches!

A lot of Assyrians have argued the state in a speech given by the representative of the Assyrian community in Parliament, Jonathan Bet-Kelia that this act breaches the constitution that protects minorities and respects their religious views, by describing the incident as a «rape of the places» owned by the Assyrian minority in Iran.

Ali Younesi, the special assistant to the regime’s so called president Hasan Rouhani on ethnic minorities’ affairs, escaped responsibility on this matter by saying that nothing could be done about it. This person is the former Minister of Intelligence and Security (MOIS) and is personally responsible for ordering numerous arrests and assassinations of dissidents.

Younesi also confirmed later after the incident, that «extremist groups or people of any religion or sect are enemies of Iran». Younsei accused «Iran’s enemies» of trying to export differences to Iran and disseminate them among the followers of religions and leaders of religious communities, and divide Shiites and Sunnis, Jews and Christians! Wow, diversity is considered a threat to Iran according to the abovementioned dude. lol

The Iranian Parliament allocates five seats only for minorities, who complain of ignoring their demands by the parliament and the Iranian government. Those indigenous people always demand reconsideration of Iranian constitutional article that violates their rights, and this’s not new as well as the Parliament ignored a draft resolution submitted by representatives of minorities 12 years ago to amend the constitutional articles, despite the fact that it was supported by 198 MPs at that time!

Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has guaranteed freedom of belief and religion as it stipulates that “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, TO MANIFEST HIS RELIGION OR BELIEF IN TEACHING, PRACTICE, WORSHIP AND OBSERVANCE.”

I believe #Hasan_Rouhani, the so called president of Iran is way too blind to see such article in a declaration he claims his country has signed on. What a joke and what a jerk!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Iranian Government.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Uppsala, Sweden


Muslims but not Criminals


(English Version and Translation below)

“يا شباب الإسلام…لسنا هواة قتل، لسنا هواة ذبح، لسنا هواة رعب وإرهاب. يا أبطال ثورتنا، ويا أمل أمّتنا … العدل ديننا، الإسلام تاج على رؤوسنا، الإحسان مبدأنا، الظّلم ليس منّا ولسنا منه، محاكمة هؤلاء الأسرى والعدل فيهم حقّ في رقابنا. من غرّر به نصحناه. من ضلّ عن الطريق آوينآه، ومن قتل منّا فالجزاء من جنس العمل لا تمثيل ولا تصوير ولا مباهاة بقتل أبدا. لسنا بحاجة إلى تصاوير ولا مشاهدات لا تزيد القلوب إلّا قسوة ولا تزيد الثورة إلّا ظلاماً ولا تزيد المتربّصين إلّا فرحاً ولا تزيد الأعداء إلّا حقداً وإنتقاماً. أمّا أنتم يا داعش الغلوّ والظّلام، إن كان السواد واللّثام شعاركم فالبياض والوضوح شعارنا، إن كان قطع الرّؤوس دينكم وهواكم، فديننا في إصلاحها وترسيخ الإيمان فيها. من رجع منكم قبلناه وسامحناه ومن ضلّ عن الطريق أويناه ومن غرّر به نصحناه وأمّا من أصرّ على بغيه وضلالته وقتال أمّته فليس له عندنا إلّا سيف علي الكرّار، ووصيّة رسول الله لأقتلنّهم قتل عاد…” الشيخ محمد الخطيب مخاطباً الأسرى في آخر الفيديو أدناه.

فرق كبير بين هؤلاء الموجودون في الفيديو أدناه وبين بعض عناصر تنظيم الدّولة، ولكن للأسف، وسائل الإعلام ومن ورائها السياسة ومصالح بعض الدّول تؤدّي إلى دمج الحقائق وتحريفها، لا لشيء بل لأجل تشويه هذا الدين. عندما نشاهد فيديو ما أو مشاهد عنيفة تنسب زوراً للإسلام، يتّهم بها المسلمون مباشرة ودون أي دليل، وسرعان ما تبداً وسائل الإعلام بنشر والتسابق على نشر هكذا أمور تحت شعار الإسلام والمسلمين الإرهابيين، ولكن عندما نشاهد فيديو ما أو مقاطع تنشر حقيقة الإسلام السمح ومدى سلميّة ورحمة هذا الدّين، بكل بساطة يتم تجاهل هكذا أمور ولا نراها على وسائل الإعلام بقدر ما نرى تلك التي تشوّهه، وربّما يتم التعتيم عليها إعلاميّاً لكي لا تصل لجمهورهم.

Days ago, a video released by the Levant’s Front (Syrian Rebel moderate group follows the Free Syrian Army) imitating ISIS famous execution videos. The fake execution video spares the lives of nine captured ISIS fighters. The message delivered by the video was “This is not our policy. We “Muslims” are not evil”,”Justice is our religion, Islam is a crown over our heads, benevolence is our main Islamic principle, injustice is not one of us and we are not of it. Suing these prisoners by justice is a right in our necks.”

Here is a translation of the Muslim Scholar’s speech “Muhammad Al-Khatib” at the end of the video below, when he was advising the prisoners;

“O youth of Islam, we are not amateurs of killing, not amateurs of slaughtering, we are not amateurs of horror and terror…..O heroes of our revolution and the hope of our Ummah (Islam nation)…Justice is our religion, Islam is a crown over our heads, benevolence or charity is our main Islamic principle, injustice is not one of us and we are not of it. Suing these prisoners by justice is a right in our necks. Those who were deceived, we shall advise them. Those of you who lost their path (straight true Islamic path), we shall refuge and provide a shelter for them. And those who killed us, then “you reap what you sow” and what you do shall be done over you in return, but without disfiguring corpses, without filming and photographing, and without priding and ostentation or touting to kill… at all.

We do not need videos or photos of killing and slaughtering which lead to nothing but making hearts tougher and more cruelty, increasing the darkness of our revolution, making our enemies and predators happy and joyful and leading to nothing but to increase hatred and revenge in them against us.

As for you, O “Da’esh- ISIS/ISIL” …the extremism and darkness… If blackness and masks are your slogan, then whiteness and clearness is ours. If decapitation is your religion and desires, then our religion is repairing, reconciliation and consolidation of Iman (Faith) in it…. Who wants to return back and repent, we will accept and forgive him, who lost his path (straight true Islamic path) then we will refuge and provide a shelter for him, and who were deceived, then we will advise him. But, who insists on his mischiefs and blackness by killing his Ummah, then he will see nothing in return else than the sword of Imam Ali ibn Abi Talib (the cousin and son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad PBUH) and the commandment of the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad PBUH) when he said; “I will kill them the way ‘Aad people (an ancient tribe mentioned in Quran) were killed”.”

Those people and the majority of Muslims like them are not terrorists, but, media maligns Islam and the facts around us. Have we forgotten the commandments of the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad (PBUH) and the Muslim Caliphs after him, when they used to give orders to Muslim troops before going to any battle…? let us remember that.. “Do not cut a tree, nor kill a woman. Do not kill a child nor a sick person. Do not kill old people nor a monk or a priest. Do not destroy a temple or a church nor a building or others’ properties. Do not disfigure the dead bodies, nor kill an animal except for eating. Do not kill those who surrendered nor those who ran away. Be good to the prisoners and feed them, and the most important.. Do not enforce Islam…”

My friends, these are the Islamic teachings and principles of dealing with those who kill Muslims during wartime, so imagine how merciful and peaceful Muslims’ behaviors and dealings are when it comes to peacetime! 

Moreover, note that, the abovementioned commandments given by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and the Caliphs later on after him…centuries ago are now considered as the basics and the main principles of the International Humanitarian Law or the Law of Armed Conflicts. This is our religion, this is our Islam.

Finally, there is a big difference between those in the video and ISIS, but unfortunately, media, politics and some countries’ benefits paint all with the same brush for the sake of distorting this religion. When a video is violent and accuses Islam, media runs and quickly starts to spread it under the name of Islam, but when a video shows the true message of Islam and how peaceful and merciful this religion is, they will ignore it! That’s a sad reality!




Mouaaz Al Ajami

Uppsala, Sweden


Turkey teaches Russia what Sovereignty means!


Suddenly and from nowhere a huge flock of legal, political and strategic analysts, and experts in military affairs and International laws as well as so called Human Rights activists jumped on Internet and social media attacking and blaming Turkey for the inhumane act against the poor Russian pilots, and how this fanatic Islamic State “TURKEY” is ISIS itself, by claiming that shooting down Russia’s Su-24M bomber jet while in Turkish airspace is an aggressive act that is being regarded an act of war under international law!! Allahu Akbar! 😀

The funniest thing that most of those amateurs who claim intelligence and knowledge in International laws and principles as well as International relations and foreign affairs are nothing but social activists, keyboard warriors, carpenters, tailors etc.

I have few words to say to you guys; Please give it up, and let everyone stick to their speciality, leave the law thing and the legal profession to its men, to those who have knowledge in it for god sake!

First of all, Turkey is not an “ISLAMIC country” and the Turkish constitution is clear about this as article 24 of it states clearly that the country is a secular one and non islamic, so don’t misrepresent and distort facts that you don’t even know.

Secondly, it’s obvious how stupid and ignorant you are when it comes to international laws and principles as well as International relations. The Russian bomber jet was shot down by the Turkish military according to the rules of engagement (ROE) dear, not according to their desires or yours, big difference! These rules of engagement (ROE) are rules to military forces that define the circumstances, conditions, degree, and manner in which the use of force, or actions which might be construed as provocative, may be applied and permitted.

In different words, International laws according to San Remo rules of engagement as well as the NATO manual of the rules of engagement give Turkey the right to shut down any threat against its sovereignty, that’s why Russia was desperately trying  to push forward that one of the two pilots was shot to death after the fighter jet shot down pointing on Turkey’s responsibility of violating International Humanitarian law and International law by targeting parachuting pilots referring to the article 20 of the 1923 Hague Rules of Air Warfare which stipulates: “In the event of an aircraft being disabled, the persons trying to escape by means of parachutes must not be attacked during their descent”, and the Practice Relating to Rule 48 (Attacks against Persons Parachuting from an Aircraft in Distress 1977) which states in article 42 of it: “No person parachuting from an aircraft in distress shall be made the object of attack during his descent.” But unfortunately Russia couldn’t prove that the pilot was shot during his descent, and Turkey confirmed that he was killed while he was on board.

Anyway, and as I mentioned before, International Law gives Turkey the right to shut down any threat against its sovereignty. Putin can do nothing now but mourning his jet and his pilot instead, praying for a supernatural power to bring them back to him!

Last but not least, it is important to mention that Russia till the moment is not targeting ISIS in Syria and did not target a single fighter of them since its intervention in the military operations in Syria unlike the Kremlin allegations. The Russian jets are targeting Free Syrian Army personnel and opposition fighters only but not ISIS. The jet which was shot down today was targeting Turkmen rebels near the border with Turkey whom‬ are fighting against both ‪ISIS‬ and ASSad‬ regime. Turkey did the right thing by shooting down this fighter jet, and I hope they shoot down every jet that violates their airspace and sovereignty.

Finally, This is the legal point of view for the ignorant in law and its provisions. You have the right to draw your own conclusion but bear in mind that it will never be the fact unless confirmed by law and logic. If Turkey’s point of view goes with the legal perspective then the abovementioned act is 100% lawful and legitimate especially after the warnings Turkey has sent to the Russian pilot and he ignored which means that Turkey has used all the legal measures to prevent a military strike, but the pilot preferred to keep on violating the Turkish airspace! If you are going to tell me that Russia alleges that the bomber jet was inside the Syrian airspace, I will take that seriously and will try to search in it along with the official evidences from the Turkish presidential office, the Syrian Opposition Coalition and the Free Syrian Army which confirm the Russian jet was inside the Turkish airspace.

Addition to that, Russia was untruthful regarding its intervention in Syria since the beginning by alleging that its military operations are targeting ISIS when the facts on ground show completely the opposite. Moreover, by shooting down the jet in that “ISIS FREE” region is another evidence that the Russian jet was targeting rebels and opposition fighters but not ISIS personnel. The second pilot who survived is in the hands of rebels, no?!

Furthermore, you can take the Chechen case which Russia keeps imposing media blackout on it since decades by distorting and misrepresenting facts there, as another evidence for the Russian honesty!!

Away from law…; “Who lies once, lies twice”, that’s logic, and law is built on logic, the same as the person who does a crime for the first time and repeats it (Precedent Crime).

At the end, invaders and terrorists must be put down whenever and wherever they are and might be, full stop!

Long Live the Syrian Revolution!


Mouaaz Al Ajami

Uppsala, Sweden


Press TV, an extremist Iranian Channel

#Iran/ Press TV

The funny thing that kept me laughing for an hour is how the Iranian Government (the so called powerful and legitimate government) and its allies fear a lot and to bones “the Power of Word” even on this incoherent virtual social media thing (that’s why assassination was – throughout history – and still a tool practiced by Iran to eliminate its enemies).

I was banned recently from Press TV official facebook page (an extremist and unreliable Iranian tv channel which spreads nothing but lies and unauthentic news) simply because, I was kicking their ass along with some of their fans asses too, by presenting evidences and proofs based on history, law, facts, logic and ethics which they couldn’t deny. Such kind of tv channels represents a threat to societies since it is nothing but another mean of violating Human Rights by spreading false and maligned news and information against Islam and many topics for the sake of distorting this religion and the facts around the world, and then banning those who seek knowledge and expose their lies and allegations.

They couldn’t present any authentic evidences for many of their allegations in many cases and reports, thus they BANNED me from commenting and practicing my freedom of expression which they keep barking its respected in their channel unlike other channels as they say! Hypocrites!

Obviously, Press TV as a speaker of the Iranian government has violated my right to express my views and seek knowledge by violating article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which stipulates that: “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers“. Also, article 19 (paragraphs 1 and 2) of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights which states that: “1. Everyone shall have the right to hold opinions without interference. 2. Everyone shall have the right to freedom of expression; this right shall include freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds, regardless of frontiers, either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art, or through any other media of his choice“.

And for the smart ones who would allege that Press TV has practiced its right to block someone I say, as a lawyer, I know perfectly the difference between the right to block someone and the freedom of expression, I mean, this is my job, and I am the best at it. But also a person should bear in mind that the right to block someone (by a tv channel which is meant to be for public knowledge) is only practiced if this someone breaches someone else’s rights -which is not my case here as I didn’t swear or curse or even use any bad words in my comments that may harm someone’s rights or breaches any human rights. Furthermore, article 19 of the UDHR states clearly that freedom of expression can’t be achieved by blocking someone from seeking information (… and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers…), and YES Press TV practiced their right to block me but that practice wasn’t built on legal basis as the restrictions mentioned in article 19 (paragraph 3) of ICCPR of freedom of expression shall only be provided by law and are necessary: (a) For respect of the rights or reputations of others;(b) For the protection of national security or of public order (ordre public), or of public health or morals. And I believe my comments neither threaten the National security of Iran nor the reputation of this tv channel, thus they don’t have the right to block a poor knowledge seeker like me!

By banning me, Press TV is adopting the quote that says; “if you can’t beat your enemies by word, kill them”!

Congratulations for this victory you weak hypocrites!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by media.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Uppsala, Sweden


Freedom of Belief and Religion in Iran


سفير الأردن بإيران : إيران تذل السفراء العرب وتمنعهم من الصلاة حتى يوم الجمعة

Finally another Arab diplomat has announced it publicly. How stupid most of my Arab brothers and sisters are!

Jordan’s ambassador to Iran: “Iran humiliates Arab ambassadors and prevent them from praying Jouma’a (Friday) prayer! These are such criticisms as Iran keeps asking Jordan to allow building a Husainieh (Shiite prayer venue) in Abdoon, Amman while there is no at least ONE MOSQUE for Muslim Sunnah in all of Tehran! We used to pray Jouma’a Prayer in the Saudi Consulate in Tehran inside a garage with mats inside it, and that’s only for diplomats and their families not for public. And yet Iran is working on preventing us from praying Jouma’a recently. We are not even allowed to make Adhan (Call to prayers) publicly in Tehran as well as not allowing Muslim public to get inside and pray with us, knowing that there are many Churches for Christians there.”

That’s a clear implementation for the Freedom of belief and religion in Iran which Rouhani keeps talking about! Iranian Hypocrites!

Actually, to me its not a new thing to know. I’ve been talking about this issue years ago and trying to spread the word as far as I can, but unfortunately god has tested me with thousands of stupid and naive Arabs and Muslims in this region. I have mentioned in an earlier article how Sunni Muslims in parts of Tehran were prevented from holding their own congregational prayers to celebrate the Eid festival (Eid-el Adha) and I have showed how the Iranian security forces barred worshipers from entering some houses that they had rented for the purpose of holding the prayer, knowing that there is no even ONE Mosque for Sunni worshipers in Tehran, Iran (the so called Islamic State).

Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has guaranteed freedom of belief and religion as it stipulates that “Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, TO MANIFEST HIS RELIGION OR BELIEF IN TEACHING, PRACTICE, WORSHIP AND OBSERVANCE.”

Furthermore, the Iranian Constitution recognises Islam as its official religion. The Constitution also recognises Zoroastrians, Jews, and Christians as religious minorities along with Sunnah Muslims.The adherents of these religions LEGALLY FREE TO PERFORM THEIR RELIGIOUS RITES AND CEREMONIES, and to act according to their own canon in matters of personal affairs and religious education.

Article 4 of Iran’s Constitution states that all Iranian laws must conform to Islamic criteria, as determined by the Guardian Council, and article 167 obligates judges to give precedence to Islamic sharia in ruling upon cases presented to them!

Where is the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran from these articles? Where are the hypocrites of Iran from implementing these articles inside Iran?

Iran has nothing to do with Islam. I believe there is no difference between Iran and Israel, as both work systematically on destroying all aspects of Islam by misrepresenting its beautiful and peaceful teachings and principles and also by preventing Muslims from practicing their religion and spreading the word of it.


For more info about the freedom of belief in Iran:


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Iranian Government.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


The Three Occupied UAE Islands by Iran


The issue of the three occupied UAE islands by Iran still alarms on both national and international levels. The ‪‎United Arab Emirates‬ did not stop for a glance from demanding to restore its ownership right in these three ‎islands‬ ‪‎politically and peacefully‬ away from ‪bloodshed‬. This has been confirmed by the state itself since the beginning of the case in addition to the historical facts.

These three UAE islands of ‪Abu Musa‬, ‪Greater Tunb‬ and ‪‎Lesser Tunb‬ have been occupied by Iran since 30 November 1971 to present!

The issue of the three ‪occupied‬ islands by Iran is a clear ‪violation‬ to the ‪‎International laws‬, ‪norms‬ and ‪‎conventions‬ as well as an issue that has direct link to the idea of ‪right‬ and ‪‎sovereignty‬.

The ‪‎International law‬ states clearly that sovereignty cannot be acquired by ‪invasion‬, ‪‎military force‬ or ‪coercion‬. In the case of Greater and Lesser Tunb, the Iranian invasion in 1971 in which a number of Ras al-Khaimah policemen were killed, is a matter of historical fact that cannot be denied. In the case of the ‪Memorandum of Understanding‬ on Abu Musa, the Government of ‪‎Sharjah‬ on that day, specifically reserved its rights to sovereignty. Quite apart from the fact that the Memorandum‬ was signed only under the threat of invasion, amounting to coercion, it has subsequently been breached‬ substantially and consistently by Iran in such a way as to indicate that the Government of filthy Iran has no intention of ‪‎abiding‬ by its ‪terms‬.

‪Muslims in general and Arabs in particular‬ should always pursue their righteous demands in these islands. We should never stop!


Monitoring Human Rights violations‬ committed by the Iranian Government‬.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon