Targeting Muslim Scholars in Burma

Burma/Rohingya Muslims:

Yesterday a moderate Rohingya Muslim Scholar was brutally tortured and killed then thrown into a big rubbish container by some filthy Buddhist extremists in the streets of Yangon (a former capital of Myanmar, Burma). Alhajj Maulana Abdul Shakur (photos below) is the last student of Maulana Muzaffar Arakani (from Arakan province, the province where Muslims are subjected to a continuous ethnic cleansing in). This scholar was killed just because he is a Muslim like thousands of Muslims there. And as its well-known Muslim blood has no price nowadays!

Targeting Muslim Scholars was never a new trend and will never be, as it goes back to the very beginning of Islam. Current Governments usually use some trained criminal gangs as a tool to liquidate Muslim Scholars in the field operations, and this is the case in Burma.

Once the victim is a Muslim, no punishment for the inhumane and barbaric crimes and even no global condemnation from the so-called “Human Rights Organisations” as well as the United Nations itself.

The International Community allows openly such tyranny and atrocities to be committed against weak Muslims in order to terrorize them, and then wonders why Muslims are becoming so angry and yet holding weapons to fight back! World leaders have forgotten maybe that “Violence begets more violence”, and as the great man Malcolm X has said; “Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the Gun down”. So, please don’t blame Muslims when they fight back asking for their lost justice, dignity and freedom!

Nowadays equation on dealing with ‪‎Muslims‬ is as follow; ” Kill millions of people, but make sure they are all Muslims before doing that”. This is how the West looks toward Muslims nowadays and this is how they deal with the killings whether the acts are legal or not. Take ‪Syria‬, Kashmir, Chechnya, Ahwaz as examples.

May Allah almighty protect our brothers and sisters in Myanmar, Burma, and may Him (swt) have mercy upon the martyrs of Muslims there and everywhere. May his beautiful soul rest in peace…


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the extremist Buddhists in Burma.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Uppsala, Sweden


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