Terrorism Industry in Russia

Chechnya / Russia:

If you are wondering why ISIS and other extremist movements use violence against civilians in particular (despite that the pure message of Islam and the teachings of this peaceful religion forbade such barbaric activities), ask Russia in the first level then Iran and you will know how Russia support those extremist groups to distort the image of Islam intentionally. This is what Alexander Litvinenko (Photo below) told us before he dies.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Litvinenko was a former agent at the Russian Intelligence FSB, and a former officer at the Soviet Intelligence KGB. He exposed the Russian Intelligence for executing terrorist attacks in Moscow and blaming Muslim Chechen freedom fighters in Chechnya and Dagestan for these acts (Beslan School siege 2004 was one of these prepared by Russian Intelligence). This brave man also, revealed the name of the most dangerous Russian spy of all, who was an Arab spy named Ayman Al-Zawahiri (the leader of Al-Qaeda today), which made the Russian President personally Vladimir Putin command the killing of Alexander Litvinenko.

On that night where Alexander Litvinenko felt his death was near, he asked his doctors to allow his father to visit him, and when his father arrived, Alexander told him his will; “Father, I have reverted to Islam for quite some time and I’ve kept it a secret. I wish you bury me in a Muslim cemetery”.


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