Justice hanged in Bangladesh


Bangladesh has executed days ago the head of “Jamaat-e-Islami party” the great leader “Mouti’ur Rahman Nizami” for baseless political charges committed as alleged by the authorities during the 1971 war of independence to break away from Pakistan.

This Muslim leader was sentenced to death just because he is a Muslim. Once the accused person is a Muslim, no punishment for the unjust decision and even no global condemnation from the so-called “Human Rights Organisations”. Only the brave leaders in Turkey have condemned the execution and recalled their ambassador back to Ankara.

Nowadays equation on dealing with Muslims is as follow; ” Kill millions of people, but make sure they are all Muslims before doing that”. This is how the West looks toward Muslims nowadays and this is how they deal with the killings whether the acts were legal or not. Take Syria as an example.

May Allah almighty protect our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh, and may Him (swt) have mercy upon the martyrs of Muslims there and everywhere. May their beautiful souls rest in peace..

A 72 old man hanged in Bangladesh… and Justice hanged there too!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by Bangladesh Government.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Uppsala, Sweden


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