The Free Men of Kashmir

Occupied Kashmir / India:

I watched a video few minutes ago which shows nothing but a tiny sample of the Indian army brutality against the free men in Kashmir especially unarmed elderly civilians! I’m not going to share the video for the unbelievable brutality it contains, which exceeded all condemnation statements and words!

The equation in India is often like this; “If Kashmiris struggle against Indian Army terrorism and for their freedom, immediately they will be declared as terrorists. But if Indian Army kills, tortures and detains Kashmiris unjustly, this is nothing but collateral damage, as they claim.

Did you know that In Kashmir, there is one soldier for every twenty people? In the past 20 years, a generation of Kashmiris has grown with soldiers at every street corner “often even in their living rooms”.

I’m not exaggerating. Go read about Kashmir case, and search for the truth by yourself, and if you want to learn something about the true and real struggle in life, ask those who live in one of the most brutal places in the world, ask the Free men of Kashmir and they will teach you the meaning of manhood!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Indian Government.


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