Military Objectives? No!

Syria: 10/May/2016
New massacre committed few hours ago by Syrian airstrike on Binnish Town, Idlib. Around 15 civilians were martyred due to the attack.

I keep wondering how can such a broken world remains silent towards such atrocities which being committed day and night in front of almost all the so-called “Human Rights Organisations” and the so-called “Democratic States”… but when I remember the war crimes committed in the modern history in Grozny 1994/02 and Kosovo 1998/99, I believe that I understand how International Laws look towards Muslims in general and how such biased laws have its own double standards in this regard.

I would appreciate if someone could talk to the children’s’ killer in Damascus‬ “Bashar ASSad” to remind him of the principle of distinction between Civilian objects and Military objectives, but guess what? Who cares about useless customary laws and principles? No one!

May Allah almighty protect our brothers and sisters in Syria!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Syrian Regime.


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