Targeting Scholars in Burma

Myanmar / Burma / Rohingya Muslims:

Yesterday a moderate Rohingya Muslim Scholar was brutally tortured and killed, then thrown into a big rubbish container by some Buddhist extremists in the streets of Yangon (a former capital of Myanmar, Burma). Alhajj Maulana Abdul Shakur is the last student of Maulana Muzaffar Arakani (from Arakan province, the province where Muslims are subject to a continuous ethnic cleansing by the Government). This scholar was killed just because he is a Muslim like thousands of Muslims there. And as its well-known Muslim blood has no price nowadays!

Current Governments usually use some trained criminal gangs as a tool to execute Muslim scholars in field operations, and this is the case in Burma.

Once the victim is a Muslim, there is no punishment for these crimes and no global condemnation from the so-called “Human Rights Organisations” as well as the United Nations itself.

The International Community allows openly such tyranny and atrocities to be committed against weak Muslims in order to terrorize them, and then wonders why Muslims are becoming so violent and yet holding weapons to fight back.

World leaders ignore that “violence begets more violence” when it comes to muslims. Malcolm X said once; “Sometimes you have to pick the gun up to put the gun down”. So, please don’t blame Muslims when they fight back asking for their lost justice, dignity and freedom.

Nowadays equation on dealing with ‪‎Muslims‬ is as follows; ” Kill millions of people, but make sure they are all Muslims before doing that”. This is how the West looks toward Muslims nowadays and this is how they deal with the killings whether the acts are legal or not. Take ‪Syria‬, Kashmir, Chechnya, Ahwaz as examples.


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the extremist Buddhists in Burma.


Terrorism Industry in Russia

Chechnya / Russia:

If you are wondering why ISIS and other extremist movements use violence against civilians in particular (despite that the pure message of Islam and the teachings of this peaceful religion forbade such barbaric activities), ask Russia in the first level then Iran and you will know how Russia support those extremist groups to distort the image of Islam intentionally. This is what Alexander Litvinenko (Photo below) told us before he dies.

Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Litvinenko was a former agent at the Russian Intelligence FSB, and a former officer at the Soviet Intelligence KGB. He exposed the Russian Intelligence for executing terrorist attacks in Moscow and blaming Muslim Chechen freedom fighters in Chechnya and Dagestan for these acts (Beslan School siege 2004 was one of these prepared by Russian Intelligence). This brave man also, revealed the name of the most dangerous Russian spy of all, who was an Arab spy named Ayman Al-Zawahiri (the leader of Al-Qaeda today), which made the Russian President personally Vladimir Putin command the killing of Alexander Litvinenko.

On that night where Alexander Litvinenko felt his death was near, he asked his doctors to allow his father to visit him, and when his father arrived, Alexander told him his will; “Father, I have reverted to Islam for quite some time and I’ve kept it a secret. I wish you bury me in a Muslim cemetery”.


Justice hanged in Bangladesh


Bangladesh has executed days ago the head of “Jamaat-e-Islami party” the great leader “Mouti’ur Rahman Nizami” for baseless political charges committed as alleged by the authorities during the 1971 war of independence to break away from Pakistan.

This Muslim leader was sentenced to death just because he is a Muslim. Once the accused person is a Muslim, no punishment for the unjust decision and even no global condemnation from the so-called “Human Rights Organisations” and peace-loving countries. Only the brave leaders in Turkey have condemned the execution and recalled their ambassador back to Ankara.

Nowadays equation on dealing with Muslims is as follows; ” Kill millions of people, but make sure they are all Muslims before doing that”. This is how the West looks toward Muslims nowadays and this is how they deal with the killings whether the acts were legal or not. Take Syria as an example.

A seventy two year old man hanged in Bangladesh… and Justice hanged there too!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by Bangladesh Government.


The Free Men of Kashmir

Occupied Kashmir / India:

I watched a video few minutes ago which shows nothing but a tiny sample of the Indian army brutality against the free men in Kashmir especially unarmed elderly civilians! I’m not going to share the video for the unbelievable brutality it contains, which exceeded all condemnation statements and words!

The equation in India is often like this; “If Kashmiris struggle against Indian Army terrorism and for their freedom, immediately they will be declared as terrorists. But if Indian Army kills, tortures and detains Kashmiris unjustly, this is nothing but collateral damage, as they claim.

Did you know that In Kashmir, there is one soldier for every twenty people? In the past 20 years, a generation of Kashmiris has grown with soldiers at every street corner “often even in their living rooms”.

I’m not exaggerating. Go read about Kashmir case, and search for the truth by yourself, and if you want to learn something about the true and real struggle in life, ask those who live in one of the most brutal places in the world, ask the Free men of Kashmir and they will teach you the meaning of manhood!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Indian Government.


Military Objectives?


On May 10, 2016 a new massacre committed few hours ago by Syrian airstrike on Binnish Town, Idlib. Around fifteen civilians were martyred due to the attack.

I keep wondering how can such a broken world remain silent towards such atrocities committed day and night before almost all the so-called “Human Rights Organisations” and the so-called “Democratic States”… but when I remember the war crimes committed in the modern history in Grozny 1994/02 and Kosovo 1998/99, I believe that I understand how International Law looks towards Muslims in general and how such biased laws have its own double standards in this regard.

I would appreciate if someone could talk to the children’s’ killer in Damascus‬ “Bashar ASSad” to remind him of the principle of distinction between Civilian objects and Military objectives, but guess what? Who cares about useless customary laws and principles? Right?


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Syrian Regime.