Press TV imposes Rape over its Employees


After banning me from commenting on their official Facebook page (Link below), and after violating my right to express my views and seek knowledge enshrined in article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which stipulates that: “Everyone has the right to freedom of ‪#‎opinion‬ and ‪#‎expression‬…”; Press TV, (an ‪#‎extremist‬ Iranian TV Channel), moves on to start sexually harassing its employees and imposing illegal sex (rape) over them. And the funny thing is that they claim implementing Sharia/Islamic Law and that their country is so “Islamic”. FAIL!

Former Press TV anchor Sheena Shirani was ‪sexually harassed‬ at work by her boss, and news editor, Hamid Reza Emadi. She was obliged to leave Iran, and now she is fighting back against the filthy abuse. She has published countless messages from ‪#‎Emadi‬ on her Facebook page. She has also released a tape recording of a conversation she had with Emadi. In the conversation, Emadi asks Shirani to satisfy him ‪#‎sexually‬ because he’s helped her in the past!

For those of you who don’t know Press TV and its family, well let me tell you that this TV Channel works as a propaganda machine which disrespects its audience, as for example it disrespected 80 millions of Iranian people in 2009. The channel works for a Dictatorship regime which raped Iranian youths in ‪#‎Kahrizak‬ detention in 2009. Sheena’s boss Hamid Reza Emadi was whom interviewed detained Iranian Human Rights activists to make a propagandistic documentary in ‪#‎Evin‬ prison in 2009. This sexual harassment incident is nothing but a small dirty drop in a very filthy sea of violations committed by the Iranian regime and its tools. This TV Channel is a very important propaganda machine for the Iranian regime.

Millions of ‪#‎Iranians‬ including women and children are deprived from their rights in Iran. You realise now a bit only of what Iranian people have realized during their life in Iran under the control of a ‪‎Dictatorship regime‬ claims to be Islamic, but has nothing to do with Islam and Muslims!

I personally understand why Press TV is crazy about violating Human Rights and recently making ‪#‎sex‬ with its ‪#‎employees‬ as I worked in this field for many years. I believe, this policy of raping women implemented by the channel and before it the government is nothing but an implementation for what they call “Muta’a/Pleasure Marriage/زواج المتعة” which their religion obliges them to commit under the pretext of being more Islamic!!

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Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Media.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Uppsala, Sweden


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