Turkey teaches Russia what Sovereignty means!


Suddenly and from nowhere a huge flock of legal, political and strategic analysts, and experts in military affairs and International laws as well as so called Human Rights activists jumped on Internet and social media attacking and blaming Turkey for the inhumane act against the poor Russian pilots, and how this fanatic Islamic State “TURKEY” is ISIS itself, by claiming that shooting down Russia’s Su-24M bomber jet while in Turkish airspace is an aggressive act that is being regarded an act of war under international law!! Allahu Akbar! ūüėÄ

The funniest thing that most of those amateurs who claim intelligence and knowledge in International laws and principles as well as International relations and foreign affairs are nothing but social activists, keyboard warriors, carpenters, tailors etc.

I have few words to say to you guys; Please give it up, and let everyone stick to their speciality, leave the law thing and the legal profession to its men, to those who have knowledge in it for god sake!

First of all, Turkey is not an “ISLAMIC country” and the Turkish constitution is clear about this as article 24 of it states clearly that the country is a secular one and non islamic, so don’t misrepresent and distort facts that you don’t even know.

Secondly, it’s obvious how stupid and ignorant you are when it comes to international laws and principles as well as International relations. The Russian bomber jet was shot down by the Turkish military according to the rules of engagement (ROE) dear, not according to their desires or yours, big difference! These rules of engagement (ROE) are rules to military forces that define the circumstances, conditions, degree, and manner in which the use of force, or actions which might be construed as provocative, may be applied and permitted.

In different words, International laws according to San Remo rules of engagement as well as the NATO manual of the rules of engagement give Turkey the right to shut down any threat against its sovereignty, that’s why Russia was desperately trying ¬†to push forward that one of the two pilots was shot to death after the fighter jet shot down pointing on Turkey’s responsibility of violating International Humanitarian law and International law by targeting parachuting pilots referring to the article 20 of the 1923¬†Hague Rules of Air Warfare which stipulates: ‚ÄúIn the event of an aircraft being disabled, the persons trying to escape by means of parachutes must not be attacked during their descent”, and the¬†Practice Relating to Rule 48 (Attacks against Persons Parachuting from an Aircraft in Distress 1977) which states in article 42 of it: “No person parachuting from an aircraft in distress shall be made the object of attack during his descent.” But unfortunately Russia couldn’t prove that the pilot was shot during his descent, and Turkey confirmed that he was killed while he was on board.

Anyway, and as I mentioned before, International Law gives Turkey the right to shut down any threat against its sovereignty. Putin can do nothing now but mourning his jet and his pilot instead, praying for a supernatural power to bring them back to him!

Last but not least, it is important to mention that Russia till the moment is not targeting ISIS in Syria and did not target a single fighter of them since its intervention in the military operations in Syria unlike the Kremlin allegations. The Russian jets are targeting Free Syrian Army personnel and opposition fighters only but not ISIS. The jet which was shot down today was targeting Turkmen rebels near the border with Turkey whom‬ are fighting against both ‪ISIS‬ and ASSad‬ regime. Turkey did the right thing by shooting down this fighter jet, and I hope they shoot down every jet that violates their airspace and sovereignty.

Finally, This is the legal point of view for the ignorant in law and its provisions. You have the right to draw your own conclusion but bear in mind that it¬†will never be the fact unless confirmed by law and logic. If Turkey’s point of view goes with the legal perspective then the abovementioned act is 100% lawful and legitimate especially after the warnings Turkey has sent to the Russian pilot and he ignored which means that Turkey has used all the legal measures to prevent a military strike, but the pilot preferred to keep on violating the Turkish airspace!¬†If you are going to tell me that Russia alleges that the bomber jet was inside the Syrian airspace, I will take that seriously and will try to search in it along with the official evidences from the Turkish presidential office, the Syrian Opposition Coalition and the Free Syrian Army which confirm the Russian jet was inside the Turkish airspace.

Addition to that, Russia was untruthful regarding its intervention in Syria¬†since the beginning by alleging that its military operations are targeting ISIS when the facts on ground show completely the opposite. Moreover, by shooting down the jet in that “ISIS FREE” region is another evidence that the Russian jet was targeting rebels and opposition fighters but not ISIS personnel.¬†The second pilot who survived is in the hands of rebels, no?!

Furthermore, you can take the Chechen case which Russia keeps imposing media blackout on it since decades by distorting and misrepresenting facts there, as another evidence for the Russian honesty!!

Away from law…; “Who lies once, lies twice”,¬†that’s logic, and law is built on logic, the same as the person who does a crime for the first time and repeats it (Precedent Crime).

At the end, invaders and terrorists must be put down whenever and wherever they are and might be, full stop!

Long Live the Syrian Revolution!


Mouaaz Al Ajami

Uppsala, Sweden


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