The Three Occupied UAE Islands by Iran


The issue of the three occupied UAE islands by Iran still alarms on both national and international levels. The ‪‎United Arab Emirates‬ did not stop for a glance from demanding to restore its ownership right in these three ‎islands‬ ‪‎politically and peacefully‬ away from ‪bloodshed‬. This has been confirmed by the state itself since the beginning of the case in addition to the historical facts.

These three UAE islands of ‪Abu Musa‬, ‪Greater Tunb‬ and ‪‎Lesser Tunb‬ have been occupied by Iran since 30 November 1971 to present!

The issue of the three ‪occupied‬ islands by Iran is a clear ‪violation‬ to the ‪‎International laws‬, ‪norms‬ and ‪‎conventions‬ as well as an issue that has direct link to the idea of ‪right‬ and ‪‎sovereignty‬.

The ‪‎International law‬ states clearly that sovereignty cannot be acquired by ‪invasion‬, ‪‎military force‬ or ‪coercion‬. In the case of Greater and Lesser Tunb, the Iranian invasion in 1971 in which a number of Ras al-Khaimah policemen were killed, is a matter of historical fact that cannot be denied. In the case of the ‪Memorandum of Understanding‬ on Abu Musa, the Government of ‪‎Sharjah‬ on that day, specifically reserved its rights to sovereignty. Quite apart from the fact that the Memorandum‬ was signed only under the threat of invasion, amounting to coercion, it has subsequently been breached‬ substantially and consistently by Iran in such a way as to indicate that the Government of filthy Iran has no intention of ‪‎abiding‬ by its ‪terms‬.

‪Muslims in general and Arabs in particular‬ should always pursue their righteous demands in these islands. We should never stop!


Monitoring Human Rights violations‬ committed by the Iranian Government‬.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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