Persecution of Syrian Refugees in Lebanon

Sunday 07-09-2014: (Photo below) Hezbollah organisation and Amal movement thugs attacked Syrian refugees including women and children, with machetes and clubs in the streets of Al-Dahyeh (southern suburb of Beirut) as a result for beheading a second Lebanese soldier by ISIS.

And as usual Lebanese authorities and the world media continue to turn a blind eye to the persecution of refugees already driven from their homeland into destitution by an ongoing genocide.

Personally, I believe that ISIS or ISIL known as Da’esh is nothing but a normal and an expected reaction towards what Iran and its allies are doing against Muslims in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Lebanon and almost all the Arab countries.

I DO NOT justify the killings committed by the group called ”ISIS”, but I’m fully aware that this group wouldn’t have existed without the interference of the sectarian militias of the malevolent ”Wali al-Faqih” in our Arab countries as an implementation of the dirty 50 years plan announced by the NUMBER ONE CRIMINAL Ayatollah Khomeini in 1980.

Anyway, allow me to say something to my brothers and sisters in this broken and stolen country ”Lebanon”:

”Dear Lebanese, seeing recently the beheading of our honored Lebanese soldiers is something -we the Lebanese- haven’t witnessed before and we condemn this cowardly act by the strongest words of condemnation. But believe me this is normally occurring as a result and due to the ongoing support by half of the Lebanese population to the armed mercenaries of Hezbollah terrorist organisation which keeps on slaughtering innocents in Syria. Yes a huge number of stupid and sometimes naive Lebanese people have contributed in creating ISIL or ISIS beasts, and now you are paying the price by losing your beloved ones in a war you have nothing to do with.”

Thank you Habibi Hasan Nasrallah for protecting the holy shrines in Syria, can you please now protect our holy army in Lebanon as you call yourself the protector of Lebanon?! Your intelligence kills me! 🙂


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by Hezbollah and the Lebanese Government.

Mouaaz Al-Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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