Iran Bans women from watching Sporting Events!

What makes me #laugh regarding the process of the so called “#Human_Rights” in Iran which #Rouhani keeps mentioning in almost all his #speeches – and before him #Ahmadi_Najad- is that the #Iranian_Regime prevents #women from joining fans in the sporting events and #stadiums, and lately banning them from watching #volleyball games at the country’s largest stadium complex in #Tehran, while on the other hand the filthy regime works on recruiting women and encouraging them to participate in the open wars against #Arab innocents in #Syria and #Iraq for what they call “جهاد النكاح” “Marriage Jihad” seducing them with stupid and sick beliefs to satisfy the animal instincts of the so called “#Mujahideen” there as their #Mullas say! I wonder if these practices help in improving the situation of Human Rights in general in Iran and in particular women’s rights?! I don’t know, maybe! At least that what the stupid Rouhani thinks!

While the #ban on women’s presence at #sporting_events continues in the so called “Islamic” republic, I would like to demand the #authorities in Iran to provide a justification for banning women from watching such games in the country. I also demand the end of #gender_discrimination in all aspects of life in Iran as such practices reflect nothing but the filthy #mentality of this regime in #violating and #breaching Human Rights principles.


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the #Iranian_Government.
Mouaaz Al-Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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