The Iranian ISIS Pretext

For the clever ones of the #Shia people!

Why #Iran doesn’t use her own drones to tackle what she calls “ISIS” in Iraq and Syria?! What are they waiting for? Or should I say that those were just fake models to impress media just like the photos of Iranian and Iraqi #Mullahs with guns and their military uniform in their safe heavens?! Have you seen any of your filthy Mullas fighting at the front lines in Syria or Iraq or anywhere else?!
Wake up stupid people! Iran will never use neither these drones nor her missiles against her child #ISIS.
ISIS or ISIL (Known as “Da’esh”), is nothing but the child of the Iranian Government and the main arm of Iran in the Arabic countries after #Hezbollah. The ISIS #pretext was made by Iran and the Syrian Regime in order to distort the blessed Arab revolutions in Syria and now in Iran.

More info about the truth of ISIS:


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the #Iranian_Government.

Mouaaz Al-Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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