Hezbullah Deepens the Sectarian Divide among Lebanese

The #Lebanese #terrorist #organisation “Hezbollah” was created by #Iran in 1982 as an offensive to aggressively export the late #Ayatollah #Khomeini’s so-called “Islamic Revolution” among #Shiites in Lebanon, #Iraq, Syria, #Yemen and all the #Arab_countries.

Hezbollah began to take on a more direct #combat role in Syria as #ASSad_regime began #losing_control over Syrian territory in 2012. Hezbollah has supported ASSad with a #robust, well-trained force whose involvement in the conflict aligns with Iranian strategic interests as #Hassan_Nasrallah acknowledged on April 30 in #Tehran.

Hizbollah finds itself increasingly distracted from what Iran says is originally “anti-Israel focus” and risking a profound reshaping of its identity. Hizbollah has helped save #ASSad regime from military #defeat, but at the #cost of losing much of its support.

In the long term, Hizbollah’s involvement in Syria threatens the movement and is problematic for Lebanon and the Arab world more broadly. Hizbollah’s involvement in Syria has deepened the regional #sectarian divide. Lebanese fanatic shiites and their allies are getting more offensive against their partners in Lebanon due to the stupid involvement of Hezbollah in killing Syrian innocents in Syria.

Iran and its allies still believe that the road to the occupied #Palestine would be from Syria. Personally, I think we should wait and give the “poor” Hezbollah thugs a chance in Syria to prove that they are really concerned about Palestine and the Palestinian case. Let us wait for them, maybe they will be heading towards Palestine from the occupied #Jolan_heights in southern side of Syria! Maybe, who knows?! #Hypocrites_Bastards!


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the #Lebanese_Government and #Hezbollah.

Mouaaz Al-Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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