World Cup in Syria


Today while the whole world was busy with the world cup, an ASSad barrel bomb targeted a civilian neighborhood and killed 30+ people in a single strike in the Sukary neighborhood of Aleppo province in Syria.

Check the video below and see how ASSad is succeeding in scoring against civilian neighborhoods in Aleppo and all the Syrian territories. After the first barrel bomb was dropped, ASSad’s forces waited few minutes and dropped the next barrel so the number of casualties would increase more, and the chances of winning the match would be confirmed!

As people regain their composure after the first barrel bomb hits, locals and rescuers attempt to free people trapped in the rubble, that is when Assad’s forces strike again! The first strike is always used as an attraction for more people so the second can kill more! Such strategy is unique and new, and I believe ASSad administration has to be given a patent for such an astonishing and beneficial invention to the whole world!

In this attack, 30+ civilians were killed, more than 140 injured and 4 building were completely destroyed.



Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Syrian Regime.


Iranian 10 Minutes Trial!

Occupied Ahwaz / Iran:

On June 14, 2014 reliable sources from Iran reported that four Sunni Muslim prisoners, Jamshid and Jahangir Dehgani (brothers), Hamed Ahmadi and Kamal Molayee, belonging to the Kurdish ethnic minority in Iran are scheduled to be executed Sunday morning on June 15, in Rajaishahr prison of Karaj (West of Tehran).

As usual in Iran, there has been an increase in the executions of prisoners of conscience in the last few months. Many of these prisoners belong to the ethnic and religious minorities. Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani, charged for connections with the Iranian opposition group Mujahedin-e-Khalq and the Ahwazi Arab prisoners Ali Chebeishat and Khaled Mousavi have been the latest victims of the Iranian authorities’ execution machine.

The four prisoners were arrested in 2009. They were accused along with six others of involvement in the assassination of a senior cleric with ties to the Iranian authorities.They have denied any involvement, declaring that their arrest and detention preceded the assassination by several months. They were sentenced to death by the branch 28 of the Revolutionary Court in Tehran, convicted of “Moharebeh” (Enmity Against God) and “Acts Against the Nation’s Security”. Their trial lasted about 10 minutes and they haven’t given the right to be represented by their legal counsels!

A symbol of the Iranian Human Rights improvement in Iran, which Hasan Rouhani was preaching days ago!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Iranian Government.


Hezbullah Deepens the Sectarian Divide among Lebanese

Syria / Lebanon / Hezbullah:

The Lebanese terrorist organisation known as “Hezbullah” was created by Iran in 1982 as an offensive to aggressively export the late Ayatollah Khumayni’s so-called “Islamic Revolution” among Shiites in Lebanon, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, all the Arab countries and the world.

Hezbullah began to take on a more direct combat role in Syria as ASSad regime began losing control over Syrian territory in 2012. Hezbullah has supported ASSad with a robust, well-trained force whose involvement in the conflict aligns with Iranian strategic interests as Hassan Nasrallah acknowledged on April 30 in Tehran.

Hezbullah finds itself increasingly distracted from what Iran says is originally “anti-Israel focus” and risking a profound reshaping of its identity. Hezbullah has helped save ASSad regime from military defeat, but at the cost of losing much of its support.

In the long term, Hezbullah’s involvement in Syria threatens the movement and is problematic for Lebanon and the Arab world more broadly. Hezbullah’s involvement in Syria has deepened the regional sectarian divide. Lebanese fanatic shiites and their allies are getting more offensive against their partners in Lebanon due to the involvement of Hezbullah in participating in killing Syrian innocents in Syria.

Iran and its allies still believe that the road to the occupied Palestine would be from Syria. Personally, I think we should wait and give Hezbullah a chance in Syria to prove that they are really concerned about Palestine and the Palestinian case. Let us wait for them, maybe they will be heading towards Palestine from the occupied Jolan heights in southern part of Syria!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Lebanese Government and Hezbullah.