Hezbullah’s Orphan bombs in Germany!

Finally, German authorities have banned an #extremist organization for Hezbullah in #Berlin, Germany. The suspicious organisation so-called “Lebanese Orphans” has raised millions of dollars for the militant group Hezbollah which is considered as a#terrorist organization.

These #millions were sent from an organisation which is supposed to work on a Humanitarian cause for orphans, but the filthy Iranian regime and by its major and right arm in the middle east “Hezbullah” was trying as usual to use such shining and pathetic slogans or titles to spread death and crimes in the world. Exploiting sympathies is a tactic used by the sectarian Iranian Regime!

In order to make it clearer for you, let me refer back to what Al-Khumayni said after the triumph of the #Shiite_revolution in Iran in 1979. #Khumayni declared on the occasion of the first anniversary of the victory of the revolution which took place on 11,02, 1980 that they will not stand in their victory at the borders of Iran, but will work on exporting the revolution to the countries of the world through Internal and External #organisations and #associations! The filthy Khumayni raised publicly on that day the slogan “Exporting the Revolution”, as he said: “We are working to export our revolution to the various parts of the world!”. That’s why such organisations were formed to fulfill this disastrous goal. And, yeah #German_authorities did what they must have done long time before! Thanks Germany!

Hundreds of Hezbollah agents in Berlin are using Germany to raise money for their cause. Take special note of this #Orphans Project, which is a clear channel for Hezbollah’s money. Exploiting sympathies about orphans is a frequent #fundraising tactic used by terrorist groups supported by Iran such as Hezbullah. This terrorist organization finances its activities through such organisations and raises funds within the framework of “#religious #ceremonies”.

Hezbollah funds in Germany are funneled to aid the terrorist group’s efforts in Syria to support the regime of #Bashar_Assad. The brave German police raided offices of this organisation in six German provinces. About 150 police officers searched the association’s offices in the provinces of Baden – Wuerttemberg, Berlin, Bremen, Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Ryanlandvalts.

Thank you Germany for this great job! It is an essential strike!


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by #Hezbullah.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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