ASSad Open Mindedness!


A new video was released on April 24, 2014 in Al Atareb, Aleppo province, Syria, showing horrific scenes as twenty+ people were killed in an ASSad airstrike (Video below) on the town. Scenes of death, chaos, fear, anger and mourning only moments after ASSad’s forces bombed the main street in this tiny town north west of Aleppo city.

Al Atareb was one of the first towns to rise up and protest peacefully against ASSad regime and was one of the first fully liberated towns.

However, if ASSad cannot rule the Syrians in tyranny, then he will not allow their town to live nor the people to multiplicate and increase. Check the photo below and see how the open mindedness of ASSad was perfectly reflected to his people through killing, slaughtering and eliminating them. He was keen to open the heads of the Syrians in a brutal way as shown in the photo below, and he achieved it with distinction!



Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Syrian Regime.


Armenian Card in Syria


Okay, we got used already to the stupid and failed attempts of the Syrian regime and Iranian administration in distorting the Syrian Revolution, picturing it as a beast led by Israel and satan to swallow the holy lands of Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Colombia, South Africa, Japan etc.

As usual, the Syrian pro-regime Facebook pages and websites are trying their best to distort the path of the blessed Syrian Revolution. They are spreading the attached photo below under the title: “The youngest Armenian hostage under the hands of the criminals of the Free Syrian Army in Kasab, Latakia, Syria”!

The Syrian pro-regime social media pages and websites are saying that the Free Syrian Army fighters were pointing their rifles straight to the head of this young Armenian child. The armed opposition fighters are accused by the Syrian regime of threatening children and women who belong to the Armenian minority in Latakia! That’s overwhelming and heartbreaking though! Minorities were always and still being used as a playing card in armed conflicts and International wars.

However, after searching and investigating the source of the below photo, and after contacting various Syrian and non-Syrian Human Rights activists, I found out that the Syrian intelligence and security agencies are shopping for this fabrication in the framework of the media war waged by Iran and the Syrian regime against the opposition and the revolution.

When searching for the origin of the image, I discovered that this image was taken for a kid who was threatened by an armed group belonging to Houthi terrorist group in Dammaj, Yemen and not in Syria.

Yemeni Facebook pages and websites including the page “Yemeni Diary” spread this photo on April 11, 2014. Soon the photo was transmitted after April 11th by the Syrian pro-regime amateurs and Shabiha around the world and was promoted in the social media as it was taken in Latakia for an Armenian child!

Useful sources:

Origin of the Photo at Yemeni Diary FB page: (Posted on April 11, 2014):

Fabrication #1: Lebanese/Iranian Website: (Posted on April 18, 2014)

Fabrication #2: Fanatic Coptic/Iranian Website: (Posted on April 18, 2014)

Fabrication #3: Fanatic British/Iranian Website: (Posted on April 19, 2014)

Fabrication #4: Egyptian/Iranian Website: (Posted on April 18, 2014):

Fabrication #5: Lebanese/Iranian Website: (Posted on April 20, 2014):

And many more! Fabrications are in millions and all were dated after April 11, 2014, but the truth can never be obliterated!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Syrian Regime.


Orphan Bombs in Germany


Finally, German authorities have banned an extremist organization affiliated with Hezbullah in Berlin, Germany. The suspicious organisation which is named before  “Lebanese Orphans” has raised millions of dollars for the Lebanese terrorist organisation “Hezbullah”.

These millions were sent from an organisation which is supposed to work on a Humanitarian cause for orphans, but the Iranian regime and by one of its active and major arms in the middle east “Hezbullah” was trying as usual to use such shining but pathetic slogans and titles to lure naive minds and spread death and crimes in the world. Exploiting sympathies is a tactic used by the sectarian Iranian regime!

In order to make it clearer for you, let me refer back to what Al-Khumayni said after the triumph of the Shiite revolution in Iran in 1979. Khumayni declared on the occasion of the first anniversary of the victory of the revolution which took place on 11/02/1980 that; they will not stand in their victory at the borders of Iran, but will work on exporting the revolution to the countries of the world through internal and external organisations and associations! Khumayni raised publicly on that day the slogan “Exporting the Revolution”, as he said: “We are working to export our revolution to the various parts of the world!”. That’s why such organisations are formed to fulfill this disastrous goal drawn by the Khumayni. And, yeah German authorities did what they should have done long time ago. Better late than never!

Hundreds of Hezbullah agents in Berlin are investing in Germany to raise money for their “sacred” cause. Take special note of this Orphans Project, which is a clear and direct channel for Hezbullah’s money industry. Exploiting sympathies toward orphans is a frequent fundraising tactic used by terrorist groups supported by Iran in particular Hezbullah. This terrorist organization finances its activities through such “humanitarian” organisations and NGOs and raises funds within the framework of religious and/or humanitarian ceremonies.

Hezbullah’s investment in Germany is funneled to aid the terrorist group’s efforts in Syria in supporting the regime of Bashar ASSad. The brave German police raided offices of this organisation in six German provinces. About 150 police officers searched the association’s offices in the provinces of Baden – Wuerttemberg, Berlin, Bremen, Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia and Ryanlandvalts, and this marks a very needed awaken in Europe against hidden terrorist cells there, especially the ones affiliated with Iran and its expansionist ambitions.

Thank you Germany for this great job! It is an essential strike!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by Hezbullah.