Hezbullah violates Palestinian Rights to Live

A #mercenary from #Hezbullah (photo below) stands #guard outside the #Palestinian #refugee #camp in #Yarmouk, #Damascus to ensure that the residents do not receive any #food or #medical_supplies and to make sure that no one leaves. The residents of the camp have been #starving to #death, literally, for months now.

This is Hezbullah’s “#resistance” … the slow #murder of #Palestinians and #Syrians.

I believe that Palestinian people are aware now more than before about the “False Slogans” of Hezbullah leaders! They are understanding day after day that this military party called “Hezbullah” is nothing but a bunch of #criminals and #terrorists who enjoy killing and slaughtering children and women, and recently starving people to death! I believe that our brothers and sisters in Palestine are confused about the recent acts of this so called Islamic party.

I didn’t know that the road to the occupied Palestine would be from #Yabroud or #Quseir in Syria, personally I didn’t know that!

Hezbullah’s thugs have killed hundreds & injured thousands till now in Syria. They’ve destroyed a lot of cities and entered them #illegally. The #Syrian_regime speaks of #foreigners in Syria, yet a terrorist group has been sending in thousands of fighters to aid them & the world has not even blinked at this.

Down with Hezbullah!


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the #Syrian_Government and #Hezbullah.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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