Women’s Situation in Iran

March 4, 2014: Farzaneh (Razieh) Moradi (26 years old #woman) whose scheduled #execution was postponed one month ago, was #hanged in the #prison of #Isfahan, #Tehran few days ago. She was convicted of murdering her #husband, to whom she had been married to at the age of 15. Farzaneh’s #daughter is 10 years old and has not seen her #mother since she was #arrested six years ago.
Her #lawyer had not been informed about the execution. According to the #Iranian_laws the lawyer has to be present at the time and site of the execution! Welcome to Iran, the country of the most filthy regime ever!

At the beginning, the woman confessed to the murder but later she said that it was another man identified as Saeed who had committed the murder. However, the #court didn’t accept the new explanation and #sentenced her to death (#Qisas, retribution in kind). According to the Iranian law, the only way to save her life was if the family of the #offended pardoned her!
I condemn this unfair execution, and I do support what Mr. Moghaddam (the spokesperson of IHR) said: “#Iranian_authorities are fully responsible for Farzaneh’s execution even if by using the sentence of qisas, they want to put the #responsibility of her execution on the shoulders of the #family of the offended.”

According to the #international_law, #punishment is the responsibility of the #state, and only the state. Pervert regime!

This is a sample of the women’s situation in Iran. The so called #Iranian_President Hassan #Rouhani has appointed women to his cabinet as a fake move to sway the mind of many people that Iran is a country who supports Human Rights, I believe Rouhani’s #administration must do a lot more to address violations against women in Iran! We need real actions and moves not statements and fake shit!


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the #Iranian_Government.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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