The Truth of ISIS


Based on its actions, it is more than obvious how ISIS (the Islamic State in Iraq and Sham) known as “Da’esh” is the newborn child of the Syrian regime. The truth behind establishing such a barbaric elite fighting group under the title, shape and name of “Islam” is to be used before the western countries as a pretext by Iran and the Syrian regime to distort the blessed Syrian Revolution and picture the Syrian citizens and revolutionaries as backward Muslim extremists thirst to blood and destruction of Syria and the whole world!

ASSad regime assisted in establishing the most repressive jihadi group by releasing its leaders from Syrian prisons after granting them a special amnesty. What freedom those guys would enjoy more than being provided with weapons, money and authority to kill, kidnap, torture, steal and rape Syrian innocents and occupy their houses and lands? ISIS mercenaries are nothing but brainwashed criminals created by the Syrian regime itself. Their actions should never be mixed with that of the Free Syrian Army or the revolutionaries who are trying to liberate the occupied Syrian lands from ASSad and his allies (ISIS, Iran, Hezbullah, Russia, Iraq etc.).

A Syrian activist told me once that;” The Free Syrian Army (FSA) and the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) can never get along nor agree on common terms.  ISIS frequently arrests FSA personnel and charges them with treason then executes them in public. However, the Syrian regime and ISIS get along tremendously. They play the fighting game, and when they disagree on something, they fight but a little and in a miniature version of the other fights in Syria. For example, in the eastern city of Deir Ez-Zor, one colonel asked his solders: “Who is attacking us?” The soldier replied, “ISIS,” to which the colonel ordered them to drop their weapons and flee the region!

The locations of ISIS headquarters are well-known to Syrian regime and its intelligence, however the regime has never targeted them, and that’s why when the regime airstrikes commence, they never target these headquarters, and that’s not a coincidence. When the FSA fights the regime, however they do not hold back, but level the city to the ground. When ISIS fights the regime upon a mutual agreement, the regime plays the surrendering game and moves on to another city. This proves the good spirit of the two parties and the professional and high level of coordination between them.

ASSad should be held accountable not only for committing war crimes and crimes against humanity through torturing, raping, kidnapping and slaughtering Syrians, but also for spreading and funding terrorism through creating extremist cells in the  region  and funding terrorist groups to have an influence over the opinions of western countries, whom are afraid of seeing Jihadi Islam, by putting them before two options:

  1. Terrorism of Extremists.
  2. My civilized Terrorism (Dictatorship).

And that, in an attempt to overshadow the real popular revolution erupted to overthrow him and his outdated regime.

ISIS is a mine planted by ASSad regime in the revolution’s body to warn the International Community of a beast approaching to eat them in a shape of a revolution!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Syrian Regime.


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