The Lost Arabic Identities in Iran

Occupied Ahwaz / Iran:

Did you know that wearing traditional Arabic outfits in public or at school or work is strictly forbidden in Iran, and that such an act is illicit and will cause in your prosecution? All that in a country where racial hatred of Arabs runs deep, The so-called Islamic Republic of Iran!

In that so-called “Islamic” country, for an Arab to be assimilated and somehow accepted in the imported Iranian community – despite the fact Arabs are indigenous to Al-Ahwaz or Arabistan- they are obliged to deny their traditions and heritage as well as their identity for some Iranian racist, sectarian and fanatic ideologies and beliefs mixed with Persian grudge and hatred against Muslims in general and Arabs in particular. What I am referring to here, the events which dating back in history to the era of Rashidun Caliphate, when Arab Muslims conquered Persia 642-651 AD and wiped the Persian Empire off the map with all its components. However, this is often insufficient to counter the serious discrimination they face on their daily basis.

Now, away from history, and talking about laws, rules, regulations and constitutions is funny when connecting it with Iran but quite beneficial in our case since it allows us to point on the Iranian hypocrisy in this regard and helps in exposing the real face of Iran and its incapability to respect its own laws and constitution before respecting and bounding itself with International laws and conventions.

Just to let you know that Articles 15 and 16 of the Iranian constitution guarantee education in mother tongue and ethnic languages for people residing in Iran, as Article 15 stipulates that; “Persian is the official and common language and script of the people of Iran. The documents, correspondence, official texts, and schoolbooks must all be in this language and script. However, use of regional and ethnic languages in the press, the mass media, and the teaching of their literature at schools, alongside the Persian language, is freely permitted“! Not only permitted, but FREELY permitted. One tiny sample of the Iranian hypocrisy!

Furthermore, Article 16 of the same “holy” constitution of Iran stipulates; “Since Arabic is the language of the Qur’an and Islamic culture and scholar-ship, and since Persian literature is completely interwoven with it, Arabic must be taught after elementary school, until the end of high school, and in all classes and in all fields of study“! Another tiny sample of the Iranian hypocrisy!

In Al-Ahwaz or Arabistan province, Arabs are not allowed to even use their own mother language between themselves and in their own houses. There are no Arabic language schools, centers or institutions in the whole region of Al-Ahwaz. This ensures that Arabs are second degree citizens in their own land and means that they are often ignorant to their native language, yet struggling to learn a foreign language such as Persian, a language that is not theirs and has nothing to do with their history. Alongside all the darkness that prevails here, Arab students are often humiliated and abused at schools by their Persian teachers, including being whipped in front of their schoolmates without mercy.

And as an attempt to put an end to these tragedies and Human Rights violations committed against the indigenous Arabs in Iran, many educated Ahwazi Arab teachers started initiatives to help impoverished youths learn Arabic through informal study groups, however their attempts have ended up by a strict ban imposed by the Iranian authorities. Also, these individual initiatives have proven dangerous with several Arabic teachers facing imprisonment and even executions for just an “attempt” to help. Independent organizations in Iran seeking to celebrate Arabic culture are deemed “separatist” by the Iranian regime and banned for good along with prosecuting its founders, members and all those dealing with it.

As a result of the above, low educational attainment is reinforcing discrimination and contributing to high levels of unemployment and poverty among the indigenous Ahwazi Arabs. In addition, this has led to increasing in acts of defiance and civil disobedience, which most of the time is being invested and used as a pretext by the Iranian authorities to accuse, detain, torture and execute Arabs activists on high rank but baseless charges such as “Enmity Against God”, “Anti-God Actions”, “Anti-Islamic Revolution Activities”, “Propaganda Against Islamic Republic” and “Acting Against National Security”!

Finally, I can never end up a topic without asking the golden question; “Where are the so-called International Human Rights Organizations at? What about the wicked silence of the United Nations towards these severe Human Rights violations committed by a state member in the United Nations? The United Nations established a specialized and independent agency called “UNESCO” to support the importance of Education in any language especially mother languages, as part of the Right to Education. What achievements this agency and other International bodies have done so far in the educational, social and cultural fields if not putting an end to this trend in Iran?

International bodies work on encouraging member states to abide by the International Community rules only but can do nothing to assure respecting these rules nor imposing it on them. Is Iran being encouraged though?!

Here’s a video below that shows an Iranian teacher abusing a student. What do you expect?


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Iranian Government.


Again, Al Ahwaz

Occupied Ahwaz / Iran:

On December 23, 2013 the Iranian authorities have killed an Ahwazi citizen on Monday in AlZarkan neighborhood, one of the neighborhoods of the capital city of Al Ahwaz. The Ahwazi citizen who was known by ” Hood Nizari” is a 20 years old Arab citizen.

The young man was a stalker by the Persian Intelligence unit. When they had the opportunity they followed him into a garage located outside the village of AlZarkan, tortured then killed him in a brutal way (Photo below). I personally do not have much information about the motives behind this crime and why the intelligence unit committed it away of the judicial authorities, without hearing his defense, but what I am sure about that Nizari did not have the chance to enjoy what they call in the civilized and modern societies but not in Iran … “Fair Trial”.

However, the Iranian Government imposed a state of security on Al-Ahwaz region after executing four prisoners from Al-Fallaheya city in anticipation of the outbreak of demonstrations or disorder security there, which I reported days ago.

It should be noted that the Iranian authorities have committed and still committing similar crimes against Ahwazi citizens in Al-Ahwaz occupied Arab land, and I have been publishing many articles in this regard to shed the light on this case which is under intentional media blackout enjoined by the Iranian Government.


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Iranian Government.


Ahwazi Political Prisoners

Occupied Ahwaz / Iran:

On December 5, 2013 four Ahwazi Arab political prisoners have been executed. The executions were reported by BBC Persian and other sources.

Ghazi Abbasi, Abdul-Reza Amir Khanafereh , Abdul-Amir Mojaddami and Jasim Moghaddam Payam, were sentenced to death by Branch 1 of the Ahwaz revolutionary court on August 15, 2012. They were convicted – as usual-  of “Enmity with God”, which is a common charge made against Ahwazis critics of the Government. Anyway, the death sentences were upheld by the Supreme Court on February 2013, although it is believed that the lawyer representing Abdul-Reza Amir Khanafereh was still in the process of appealing against the conviction before the executions.

The Iranian authorities transferred the four Ahwazi prisoners from Karoun prison on November 3, 2013 and held incommunicado by the Ministry of Intelligence without access to lawyers or family members.

Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Iranian Government.


Russian Mercenaries in Syria

Syria / Lebanon / Russia:

Russian mercenaries working alongside the Syrian and Iranian regimes in Syria.

Another evidence of Russians operating in Syria has emerged since the beginning of the Syrian Revolution. According to Syrian Human Rights activists, a private military company called Slavonic Corps alongside the Russian Army  indeed is operating in Syria at the meantime.

However, sending Russian mercenaries to Syria is a policy supported and implemented  by the Russian Government itself with the blessings of both Syrian and Iranian regimes, through joint defense and military cooperation agreements between the the three.

By the beginning of October, 2013 the Slavonic Corps Company had 1267 personnel in Syria, organized in two companies and based in Lattakia. The plan was to deploy to Deir ez-Zor to “guard” the oil fields there, which are of viral importance for the survival of ASSad, although they were hinted that “guard duty” may involve actual fighting, and that’s what really happened later on. Many dead Russians were transferred to Russia in private planes! The Free Syrian Army is doing pretty good there anyway!

The photo below shows one of Hezbollah fighters alongside with his Russian comrades raising the victory sign and taking memorial photos for their children! Their children must be feeling proud of such scum!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Russian Government.


Even Juveniles are Executed

Occupied Ahwaz / Iran:

The Iranian authorities are willing to execute the juvenile “Mohammad Reza Haddadi”. Haddadi is currently being held at the Adelabad prison of Shiraz (Southern Iran) where several other minors are being held in tragic circumstances. He is in danger of imminent execution in the near future.

Mohammad Reza Haddadi was sentenced to death in 2004 for a murder he allegedly committed when he was fifteen! His death sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court in July 2005. His scheduled execution has been postponed four times in 2008 and 2009, and was postponed till the end of this month.

What bothers me the most is that Iran have ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, which is a Human Rights Treaty that sets out the civil, political, economic, social, health and cultural rights of children, but was never respecting this ratification. The Convention defines a child as any human being under the age of eighteen. I assume Mohammad Reza Haddadi is under eighteen, thus he is a child and here comes the effectiveness of this Convention to be imposed in this case to protect him from such abuse.

However, we have been accustomed to Iran’s failure to comply with its International obligations before the International Community and its violation of almost all  International Human Rights conventions and treaties. Iran will never improve in the field of Human Rights unless this “so-called” Islamic Government ruling changes into a “called” Islamic Government, and this has to be done through a real Iranian Revolution.

Iran is among the top countries where executing juveniles is still implemented. Earlier this year a seventeen year old boy was executed in Kazeroun (Fars province) for an offense allegedly committed when he was fourteen!


Monitoring Human Rights violation committed by the Iranian Government.


In Boxes 1948 – 2013

Syria / Occupied Palestine:

The photo below shows a Palestinian refugee boy with his younger sister in a box during Palestine/Israeli war in 1948. However, the same scene is being recreated with a Syrian refugee girl holding her younger brother in a box during ASSad’s war against civilians in 2013.

I can never understand the double standards some people keep implementing regarding supporting “Palestinian Intifada” and their condemnation of the Israeli repression and massacres against Palestinians in Occupied Palestine on one hand, and their weird deafness and blindness towards the “Syrian Intifada” and their wicked silence of the atrocities and massacres committed by both Iranian and Syrian regimes in Occupied Syria on the other hand!

I published an article two days ago about the fourteen children who were among thirty six killed in series of airstrikes on Aleppo by ASSad’s terrorists. Today the actual death toll from the strikes has raised to Eighty two. Twenty seven of the dead are children, eight are women. Every single one of the dead, except for a solitary Free Syrian Army fighter, was a civilian!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Syrian Regime.


Barrels of Death


On December 17, 2013 Fourteen children are among thirty six civilians killed yesterday in the city of Aleppo after ASSad’s forces launched a series of horrific airstrikes by tossing barrel after barrel of TNT (Photo below) onto the most populous city in Syria.

The child below is among the dead. The warm clothes his parents dressed him in could do nothing to protect him from ASSad’s terrorism!

I keep wondering how could this world and its leaders remain silent before these atrocities committed on daily basis in Syria? Is using explosive barrels against civilians legitimate? Are such destructive weapons legal to be used in populated areas where civilians are the majority? These barbaric explosive barrels have a wide impact area because of the large destructive radius of the individual munition used, which undoubtedly can lead to severe damage to the infrastructure and dramatically increase the loss in human souls.

The 4th Geneva Convention which was enacted in 1949, considers any intentional targeting of civilians in a conflict as illegal.

This Convention states clearly that civilians, surrendered combatants as well as wounded combatants who are unable to engage in hostilities “shall in all circumstances be treated humanely, with the following prohibitions:

  1. violence to life and person, in particular murder of all kinds, mutilation, cruel treatment and torture;
  2. taking of hostages;
  3. outrages upon personal dignity, in particular humiliating and degrading treatment
  4. the passing of sentences and the carrying out of executions without previous judgement pronounced by a regularly constituted court, affording all the judicial guarantees which are recognized as indispensable by civilized peoples.”

Maybe by not mentioning these destructive weapons by name “Explosive Barrels” in the abovementioned Convention makes their usage legitimate and lawful against civilians! Everything is possible nowadays!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Syrian Regime.