Jihad Al-Nikah Lie

Syria / Iran / Lebanon:

The Syrian pro-regime Facebook pages are spreading the photo below under the title of: “Aleppo – Free Syrian Army and Da’ash: verdicts to cut off the heads of some women who did not sign to hold the so-called Jihad Al-Nikah ( عقد جهاد النكاح)”! What a great lie!

First of all, the photo circulated is not even from Syria, not even a true photo for a true incident that occurred somewhere in Syria, it was taken in Al-Nabatieh, South Lebanon, and it is all about a play to commemorate Ashura (tenth day of Muharram in the Islamic calendar) in 2007!

The play organized by the local families in South Lebanon to commemorate -what they claim- A’al Al-Bayt illiterate women were being beheaded by their own men because they were illiterate on Ashura. Of course this is untrue and the play reflects nothing but the brutality of those people when dealing with women. These behaviors and ideas are imported from Iran to our Arab countries, and unfortunately its finding fertile environment in our communities and being digested by the ignorant there.

Iran know nothing about respecting women. Women are being treated as third degree citizens there. Iranian authorities must be held accountable for not respecting neither women nor Human beings in general.

You can follow the topic which was published on Tuesday, January 30, 2007 at 14:47 via this link (http://yalibnan.com/…/archives/2007/01/lebanons_shiite.php). Title: “Lebanon’s Shiites mark Ashoura with blood spilling marches!”


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Iranian Government.


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