ASSad and his Direct Problems with Children!

Injured #children being at a makeshift clinic in Al Bab region, #Aleppo after Bashar Al Assad’s #Airforce attacked their #homes (photo below).
I believe that the so called president of the Syrian Arab Republic has direct problems with children, if not, then why he keeps on targeting these beautiful souls?!
#Children in Syria have suffered a lot during the barbaric campaign which #ASSad and his #Lebanese, #Iraqi and #Iranian #dogs are responsible for. Number of children killed by the regime is more than 20000. There are some more either #jailed or subjected to #torture. 3 million #students without #schools, more than 5 million people are living in #refugee_camps outside Syria, half of them are #kids.
The atrocity scenes experienced by the Syrian kids are incredible and unbelievable. A #GENERATION IS BEING LEFT TO THE UNKNOWN!


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the #Syrian_Regime.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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