Does not Represent Islam as Whole!

The Mourning of Muharram! #Shia #extremists forcing children to bleed for their “Gods” (photo below)!!

Isn’t such action considered as a violation to all #ethical, #humanitarian, #religious, #legal and #human_rights principles and standards?!

These weird crazy religious nut cases have nothing to do with Islam, they’re just a bunch of perverts, I wonder if Allah (swt) does accept such stupid actions,, I’m sure he doesn’t (swt)!! It is more than a child abuse. By the way, this is still going on and many people didn’t know that shia people go to these extremes in the name of religion.

To be clear, and in order not to open the air for the “smart” ones… this doesn’t represent all Shia people, since, it will be also like saying all Christians went on and fought in crusades. I was clear since the beginning saying that those are Shia EXTREMISTS. Such barbaric acts should be stopped and never linking it to religion in order to stop distorting Islam as there is no even ONE evidence of this in Quran (Holy Book of Islam)! These are just some stupid traditions… nothing to do with Islamic Religion! But what such extremists do is practicing it under the name of religion as some sort of sacrifice to a supernatural god!! WOW!

Also in order to be honest, these terms have nothing to do with the west as well. Let’s stop blaming others for some stupid actions of some people! We all know how the defect is in us, between us- we Muslims not west. For example let me ask; who is responsible for the slaughtering of children in Syria? The west?! I don’t think so… some Iranian, Ba’athi, Iraqi and Lebanese extremists are killing and raping children and women there. America and the west are remaining silent, that’s their ONLY crime … what did Islam and Muslims – whether they were Arabs or Non-Arabs – do for their brothers in religion in Syria?! Anyway, I was clear saying that such actions do not represent the whole Islamic community!


More pictures –
More Info –
More info on Shia –

Remember: Does not represent Islam as whole!


Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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