Knives kill as well as Chemical Weapons O ye Hypocrites

(The photo below is from another scene)
The problem is that #Assad can’t kill all the Syrian people with #Chemical_Weapons ….Yet, he can still kill them in too many different ways!
As I said before and always say; #Knives kill as well as Chemical Weapons you #Hypocrite_world!!!
#Aleppo – Sept 26, 2013 – A man crosses a street near the front lines in Aleppo and is shot. In the city, the battle is one of #snipers. Assad’s forces shoot anyone that moves, for any reason they wish.
This poor soul (In the Video below) was shot but not killed immediately. This is intentional. Assad’s forces know that others will try to come to his rescue. One man does so and is shot at, fortunately he escapes. The local FSA fighters try to get the man to grab a metal hook so they can drag him to safety, but the man is unable.
For 10 agonizing minutes, Assad’s forces take ‘pot-shots’ at the man. They shoot him in the legs, the arms and in his torso, all with the intended purpose of pain, but not death. However, finally, they shoot him in the head and kill him.
These are Assad’s men. This is what they do to #Syrians!!



#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the #Syrian_Regime.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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