O ASSad Kill the Future of Syria!

If #Assad is at all consistent in one thing, it’s MURDERING LITTLE CHILDREN!!
#Aleppo (#Al_Jabboul): October 23: Assad is killing the #future of Syria at a rate of about 10 #children per day in 2013. Yet this does not alarm the #world, they just don’t care.

The little boy below (in video) was killed when his #home was destroyed by a #rocket barrage from Assad’s forces. The man next to him, not related, was also killed in the #attack.

In #Harasta in the suburbs of #Damascus, 14 year old Mahmoud Qadado was also killed in a rocket attack by Assad’s forces.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Aaz3ZH21hY


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the #Syrian_Regime.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


Does not Represent Islam as Whole!

The Mourning of Muharram! #Shia #extremists forcing children to bleed for their “Gods” (photo below)!!

Isn’t such action considered as a violation to all #ethical, #humanitarian, #religious, #legal and #human_rights principles and standards?!

These weird crazy religious nut cases have nothing to do with Islam, they’re just a bunch of perverts, I wonder if Allah (swt) does accept such stupid actions,, I’m sure he doesn’t (swt)!! It is more than a child abuse. By the way, this is still going on and many people didn’t know that shia people go to these extremes in the name of religion.

To be clear, and in order not to open the air for the “smart” ones… this doesn’t represent all Shia people, since, it will be also like saying all Christians went on and fought in crusades. I was clear since the beginning saying that those are Shia EXTREMISTS. Such barbaric acts should be stopped and never linking it to religion in order to stop distorting Islam as there is no even ONE evidence of this in Quran (Holy Book of Islam)! These are just some stupid traditions… nothing to do with Islamic Religion! But what such extremists do is practicing it under the name of religion as some sort of sacrifice to a supernatural god!! WOW!

Also in order to be honest, these terms have nothing to do with the west as well. Let’s stop blaming others for some stupid actions of some people! We all know how the defect is in us, between us- we Muslims not west. For example let me ask; who is responsible for the slaughtering of children in Syria? The west?! I don’t think so… some Iranian, Ba’athi, Iraqi and Lebanese extremists are killing and raping children and women there. America and the west are remaining silent, that’s their ONLY crime … what did Islam and Muslims – whether they were Arabs or Non-Arabs – do for their brothers in religion in Syria?! Anyway, I was clear saying that such actions do not represent the whole Islamic community!


More pictures – http://imgur.com/a/zuAhA#0
More Info – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mourning_of_Muharram
More info on Shia – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shia_Islam

Remember: Does not represent Islam as whole!


Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon

World Day Against the Death Penalty

October 15, 2013: A #Father of Two Girls Survived Being Hanged- Will be #Executed Once He Feels Better! The father was found to be #alive 24 hours after being hanged and declared dead.

The 37 year old man identified as “Alireza M.” was executed by hanging on October 9, convicted of possession of 1 kilograms of crystal (a synthetic narcotic drug) in the prison of Bojnord (northeastern Iran).

According to witnesses “the prisoner was very scared when he was walking towards the gallows”. After the execution by hanging, which lasted for 12 minutes, the forensic doctor confirmed his death, the death certificate was signed by the judge and other officials present and his body was transferred to the cold room.

The day after (October 10., #World_day_against_the_death_penalty) when the cold room staff wanted to take the body out they realized that the man is still breathing. He was transferred to the hospital and his condition is satisfactory, but still the Iranian Government is willing to hang him, he has no future even though Allah (swt) wants him alive, they want him dead!! #Stupid_Iran!


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the #Iranian_Government.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon

You are told that Al Qaida is in Syria? Watch and Read this…

(Date & Location Unknown) – You are told that Al Qaida is in Syria. THIS IS TRUE! You are told they are executing prisoners, both civilians and fighters, THIS IS TRUE. The #crimes committed by #AQ in Syria have been documented and publicized recently but #Assad_regime only reports on it when it suits their propaganda machine. They do not report on these crimes out of their sudden change of heart and love for “#Human_Rights

Now watch the video below. Watch the video that you will not see on your local news. You would not know it from watching mainstream media, but there is a far larger and far more destructive foreign #extremist/#jihadi movement in Syria and they are fighting for the Assad regime. They are made up of #Hezbullah mercenaries, #Iraqi teenagers and #Iranian revolutionary guards. They number in the thousands and do have impunity, but with the blessing of the Assad regime.

The funniest thing is that Hasan Nasrallah keep saying that they are and ONLY the defenders of the Palestinians rights… those perverts…If Iran truly does want to help the Palestinians against the Israeli State, then why it continues in occupying Arab Land (Al-Ahwaz) and continues in killing and torturing the innocent people there?! Also media is playing a good role in showing that Iranian Leaders do have good manners and is trying to paint them with that.Look at them how they’re sending their butchers (#Revolutionary_Guards) to syria, how they are slaughtering women and children, giving no respect to the elders though! Those are criminals, they killed lots of Arab Muslims in Al-Ahwaz region in Iran. By the way did you people know, that there are no Mosques for Sunni Muslims in Iran?! Not a one>?! Do you know that?! Does Iran really love Islam and Muslims? I don’t think so! Their actions reflect the blackness of their hearts towards Islam and Muslims.

The video below shows members of #Hezbullah pulling out injured Syrians, I might assume they are FSA freedom fighters, dragging them onto the floor and executing them at point blank range.
There will be no #Human_Rights_Watch report. No world leader will talk about this video. No media organization will bother to cover it.
However, the Syrians will remember it. They will never forget their #martyrs that fought against a #barbaric killing machine as Assad regime.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guin7ifApzI


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the #Syrian_Regime and #Hezbullah_Jihadists.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon

Rouhani, the Soft!

The Iranian authorities should impose an immediate moratorium on #executions in Iran given the alarming rise in the use of the #death_penalty in recent weeks.
As #World_Day_Against_the_Death_Penalty approaches on October 10, the #Judiciary should review the sentencing guidelines that allow for the use of #capital_punishment, and revise them in accordance with international standards.
In the two weeks between September 11 and September 25, Iranian officials #hanged a record 50 individuals, primarily for supporting the National Resistance Movement of Al Ahwaz.

The problem is that, while the hypocrite #Rouhani was promoting a softer image of Iran internationally during his visit to New York weeks ago, it was business as usual on the domestic front with scores of prisoners put to death following unfair trials. Since Rouhani’s inauguration, the increasing number of prisoners being sent to the gallows is indefensible!!


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the #Iranian_Government.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon

Knives kill as well as Chemical Weapons O ye Hypocrites

(The photo below is from another scene)
The problem is that #Assad can’t kill all the Syrian people with #Chemical_Weapons ….Yet, he can still kill them in too many different ways!
As I said before and always say; #Knives kill as well as Chemical Weapons you #Hypocrite_world!!!
#Aleppo – Sept 26, 2013 – A man crosses a street near the front lines in Aleppo and is shot. In the city, the battle is one of #snipers. Assad’s forces shoot anyone that moves, for any reason they wish.
This poor soul (In the Video below) was shot but not killed immediately. This is intentional. Assad’s forces know that others will try to come to his rescue. One man does so and is shot at, fortunately he escapes. The local FSA fighters try to get the man to grab a metal hook so they can drag him to safety, but the man is unable.
For 10 agonizing minutes, Assad’s forces take ‘pot-shots’ at the man. They shoot him in the legs, the arms and in his torso, all with the intended purpose of pain, but not death. However, finally, they shoot him in the head and kill him.
These are Assad’s men. This is what they do to #Syrians!!



#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the #Syrian_Regime.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon