Parks of 21st Century


The place in the photo below used to be a park for children in Deir Ezzor, Syria. It’s now a graveyard not only for children but for their parents and relatives as well. All thanks due to ASSad’s municipal works program of killing so many Syrians that there is no place to bury people anymore in the country!

Unfortunately, International Community has done nothing crucial to put an end to the crimes committed by ASSad regime against the people of Syria. They are not even good in mathematics, not even in counting the dead bodies and casualties in Syria!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Syrian Regime


Russian Hero!

Chechnya / Russia:

Two Chechens and one Dagestani (photo below) were brutally murdered by the landlord of their apartment in Moscow last night. Later after the crime, the Russian killer tried to dismember the bodies and hide the parts in trash bags to get rid of his horrible crime.

According to Chechen Diaspora in Moscow, this Russian terrorist had extra keys of the apartment which allowed him to he sneak into the apartment after midnight and slaughter the three men while they were falling asleep! Russian Hero I assume!

It was impossible for the three men to resist him as they were sleeping, and he was a coward! However, the neighbors heard some noises, and police came after an hour and a half to the crime scene! It is normal, they were sleeping too, it’s after midnight anyway!

“If Russian terrorist wants to live longer, he better go to jail, cause then he would have some time until he is released”, say Chechens.

I honestly don’t know what to comment on this, the Russian hate towards Chechens and Dagestani Muslims is on state level. The Russian Government deals with Muslims there in cautious, marks them all as terrorists unless they show loyalty by killing other Chechens. That’s why we see such crimes occurring between people from time to time in the country. The hate now is between people as well, and that’s why we will always see Russian heroes cruising around like the aforementioned guy!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Russian Government.


Stone Them!

Occupied Ahwaz / Iran:

Zahra Pour Sai and Ali Bashsiz were convicted of adultery before the head of the second branch of the criminal court of East Azerbaijan province and were sentenced to stoning on 2012.

The defense attorney filed an appeal afterwards the judgment and the case was transferred to the branch 7 of the Supreme Court, but the Counselor of this branch rejected the appeal on the basis that stoning on charge of adultery is confirmed according to paragraph 1 of Article 265 of Iranian Criminal Code.

The culprits have received this definitive verdict on December 16, 2012 in Tabriz central prison. There is a fear that the verdict enforcement of Tabriz department of justice is willing to enforce the sentence secretly.

Such verdicts are unacceptable in any society, and they reflect the backwardness of the judicial authorities in Iran. However, in the Iranian constitution such punishments are still blessed and honored by the lawmakers in this country! Such kind of lawmakers require an in depth education on Human Rights and respecting the very basic rights of human person. We don not live in a forest!

Iranian Government is backward, and yet is working on possessing weapons of mass destruction! How frightening is that?!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Iranian Government.