The Lebanese General Security Men violate Human Rights!

Well, another evidence about the Lebanese civilized treatment which reflects the high moral characters of our brave security men who are the protectors of this holy land (Lebanon).
The #Lebanese_General_Security men on the Lebanese/Syrian borders have reached the maximum of hatred actions in #humiliating Syrian men who have fled the war and killings in their homeland. Those security men who have an obligation to ease the suffering of the poor #Syrians, have forced them to be seated cross-legged under August’s hot sun and then allowed access to ten behind ten as if those Syrians were a herd of sheep or second degree citizens or I don’t know what!! The Syrian women were allowed to make the police check in but with some Lebanese insults and humiliation, they were asked to move straight forward to their cars after finishing the procedures and not to wait for their husbands, all that with insults and #swearing!!

When one of the brave Syrian women refused to leave her husband and go to the car which was remained parked under the hot sun, one of our so called respected officers has forced her to move with some dirty words and #insults which are not worthy to be mentioned here then he tried to push her in a very humiliated way.

By the way for our Syrian brothers and sisters who are interested in entering Lebanon without any problem and without hearing some insults and dirty words, you can pay $40 to one of the general security men and you will be a king there among your people and you will not have to wait hours under the hot sun!


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the Lebanese Government.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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