The Anniversary of the defeat of Iranian Army by the Brave Iraqi Soldiers

Today marks the anniversary of the defeat of Iranian Army by the #feet of the brave Iraqi Soldiers. (08/08/1988)

The Great Victory Day….
May God have mercy on all the martyrs of Iraq.

But we should never forget that innocents did pay the most during this war, but also I do not agree when some people call that there was no victory for the Iraqi Army!!

Thousands of innocent people died and still dying in Syria as well, what steps the International community did take to stop that bloodshed?! Nothing, or to be honest few poor steps only! I do believe that although war is tragedy in general, it was really a victory during the Iranian/Iraqi war, as the brave Iraqis gave a painful slap to the filthy Iranian Government which was made to oppress Arabs in particular.

We the Arabs do believe that Iran is a threat, and Iran is responsible for every single suffering of our innocents. If war will bring us dignity, then welcome war! It’s that simple.


Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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