Executions … Executions …

Three prisoners were hanged in the prison of Kermanshah (west of Iran).

The #prisoners were identified as “A. R.” convicted of murder, “A. F.” convicted of possession and trafficking of 2960 grams of heroin and 973 grams of crack, and “F. Kh.” convicted of murder.

The #executions have taken place on July 8 according to another report by the Iranian state broadcasting.

I’m glad as Iran didn’t mention the Anti-God Actions in her court rulings for those accused ones this time, which means a step forward on the Human Rights road. But we’re not stupid, we know that such charges are thrown on innocents from #Ahwaz Region only…. #Arabs only are being accused by such stupid charges.


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the Iranian Government.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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