“Terrorists” have Rights too

Occupied Kashmir:

Indian security forces killed in a “self-styled battalion commander” of Pakistan-based “Lashkar-e-Toiba” in Kupwara district of Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir Saturday October 3, 2007. The encounter took place in handwara area of Kupwara district, the news agency Press Trust of India reported.

Those who were killed during the operation were  arbitrarily accused to provide logistic support to the resistance groups in Indian-occupied Kashmir. This is usually the charge for freemen of Kashmir!

India always use field executions instead of giving the so-called “Terrorists” fair trials before courts. Indian security forces do not even care about the rights of terrorists as human-beings! I’m not defending “real terrorists” here but I’m reminding the Indian Government that, all human-beings have rights that must be respected, EVEN TERRORISTS (if they are really terrorists according to the Indian allegations).

Indian authorities routinely ignore procedural safeguards when persons are taken into custody. Although Indian law requires that everyone taken into custody must be presented within 24 hours before a magistrate, in fact, detainees are rarely presented at all. Prohibitions and safeguards against torture in the Indian Penal Code and the Criminal Code of Procedure which prohibit the use of coerced confessions and which prescribes enquiries into custodial deaths for officers guilty of torture are as a matter of routine disregarded.

In Kashmir every armed force has its own interrogation center which includes temporary detention centers with Border Security Forces (BSF), Central Reserve Police Forces and Army Contingents. Detainees are first interrogated by the detaining armed forces for periods of time which may range from several hours to several weeks. During this time the detainee is not produced before a court at all, thus it makes the procedure illegal and inhumane.

Finally, I’m sick of the pro-Indian regime media’s reports concerning the “TERRORISTS”, masha’allah terrorists are everywhere! I have no idea how they reproduce!

P.s: International and National Laws do not allow Governments to kill or torture suspects even during military operations.


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Indian Government.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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