The Filthy Ethics of Hezbullah


Photo below: The picture above was in Quseir from 2006, at the time Lebanon was being bombed by israel. The people of Quseir welcomed the affected people of Lebanon with open arms and hearts. The banner reads: “Our Lebanese brothers & sisters, you are among your family”

The picture below shows the disgusting behaviour of #Hezbollah in #Dahye, Beirut Suburb 2013. They’ve erected their filthy flags and put up signs that read: “al-Quseir has fallen” yahooo! They distributed sweets as well! The fake victory! .. I’m not surprised for what they did, I know #Khumayni very well! I can only say;” Thanks from the heart for the Syrian Revolution that revealed those traitors and showed their filthy reality!”

These are the people that helped them in their hour of need, yet they have returned the help by putting them under siege for months, bombing them with mortar bombs, planes & tanks with hundreds of bombs falling on Quseir daily. They’ve killed hundreds & injured thousands. They’ve destroyed a city and entered it illegally. The regime speaks of foreigners in Syria, yet a terrorist group has been sending in thousands of fighters to aid them & the world has not even blinked at this.

By the way, Al-Qusair didn’t fall yet, you will like the upcoming news! 76 of Hezbollah fighters are doomed till the moment, and the battles are still ongoing there! ASSad thugs and Hezbollah couldn’t break Al-Quseir for month ago, that’s why they used Media in order to let it down, they called for its fall through media ONLY! Perverts!


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by Hezbollah and the Lebanese Government.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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