Hezbullah, the right arm of Iran in the Arab Region

Hezbollah is a Shiite movement follows the Ja’fari (ithna a’shareya), and announces that publicly, where Hassan Nasrallah once said on Monday 26-5-2008 allegiance to the (welayat-el faqih), followed in Iran.

It is a group found in Lebanon actually funded by the State of Iran itself. People should know that the interests and goals of Iran in our Arab world is quite different from the interests and goals of the Arab Countries. Iran is a country with ambitions and despicable purposes in the Middle East, Iran wants to impose its strength and power and to spread the Shi’ite religion in the region. Iran is an enemy to us (the Arabs) EXACTLY like Israel, and I do believe that it is even more dangerous because it hides its sordid purposes under the clothes and slogan of Islam.

The Goals of Hezbullah:

Hezbollah is considered as the right hand of Tehran in the Arab region which seeks to achieve the dream of Tehran based on the establishment of the (Shi’ite Crescent) in the region stretching from the Afghan border of Iran till Lebanon.

In order to achieve their goals, Iran and Hezbullah use assassination as a political tool in order to eliminate their opponents and kill those who are against or refuse their bloody opinions. Assassinations were taking place in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Bahrain etc.



Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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