Kashmir… The Case for Freedom!

Occupied Kashmir:

Did you know that in Kashmir, there is one soldier for every 5 or 6 people? There are 5,00,000 armed troops, 3,00,000 army men, 70,000 Rashtriya Rifle soldiers, 1,30,000 central police forces as against the total population of 10 million.

In the past 20 years, a generation of Kashmiris has grown with soldiers at every street corner “often even in their living rooms” (Sunday Times of India, 13th June, 2010)

Indian soldiers usually treat locals as slaves. They display their arms so openly, carrying them and terrorizing the people in the streets. They beat just for fun… that’s how average kashmiri kids grow up for the past 20 years… in violence and hate!

The British occupation in India ended in 1947 with the creation of new conflicts! Kashmiri Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir were to pay a heavy price in September–October 1947 after the British withdrawal. The Hindu Dogra state of Jammu and Kashmir on that time ordered the massacre of Muslims in the Jammu division with political motivations to ethnically cleanse the Muslim population and to ensure a non-Muslim majority in the Jammu region of the state, harrowing stories of Muslim atrocities have been spread after that.

The violence in the eastern districts of Jammu which started in September developed into a widespread “massacre” against Muslims around 20 October 1947, organised by the filthy Hindu Dogra troops of the State and perpetrated by local Hindus, including members of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and other criminal groups. The Maharaja himself was implicated in some instances!

More than 100,000 Muslims killed whereas the Azad (Free) Kashmir Government on that time confirmed that more than 200,000 Muslims were killed. About 600,000 Muslims fled to West Pakistan, some of whom made their way to the western districts of Poonch and Mirpur. The Maharaja ordered the killings against the Muslims there.

Be sure that you will never hear about these atrocities because simply the victims are Muslims!

Long Live Kashmir.


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Indian Government.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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