Child Rights and Democracy in Kashmir!

Occupied Kashmir:

Just like any other case… you got words… no one even cares… no one even thinks… people forgot that blood has price too! I appeal to the International Community to come forward and stop the obvious Human Rights violations committed by the Indian authorities in Kashmir!

Inhuman practices are widely practised in Kashmir as a means of extracting information from detainees, coercing confessions, punishing persons being sympathetic to the liberation movement and creating a climate of political repression.

In Kashmir every armed force has its own interrogation center which includes temporary detention centers with Border Security Forces (BSF), Central Reserve Police Forces and Army Contingents. Detainees are first interrogated by the detaining armed forces for periods of time which may range from several hours to several weeks. During this time the detainee is not produced before a court, and this is of course an illegal procedure and has nothing to do with the Rights of Detainees.

India’s commitment to the cause of children in Jammu & Kashmir is simply abysmal according to a report by Save the Children International Organisation. No aspect of a child’s life is spared by the Indian occupation forces and intelligence agencies there simply because of their vulnerability. They are prime victims of multiple physical and emotional abuse and of dangers such as violence and displacement. Children are at high risk of becoming separated from their families -a trauma more devastating than even the displacement itself. Kashmiri separated minors are extremely vulnerable. Girls are at risk of sexual violence, exploitation and abuse. Boys are vulnerable to underage military recruitment etc.

Kashmiri children, as a whole, suffer disproportionately from the general rigours of oppressed and terrified life. Malnutrition and its related ailment are common. As for the severe psychological consequences of active observation of hostilities, with children witnessing gross atrocities” the full extent of the impact on children and adults is only beginning to be understood. The scenario of minor rape victims is a phenomenon which has dramatically increased in Kashmir. Young and minor girls become particular targets of the filthy Indian armed forces. Cases of vaginal tears, pelvic infection, excessive bleeding are increasingly reported

Abusing Children is a small sample of the Indian army violations against Children Rights in Kashmir. Even Kids are considered as TERRORISTS there! The International Community allows children to be terrorized and then wonders why they become so angry as adults and yet hold weapons to fight back! Shame on this world!

When Kashmiris struggle for their Freedom and against Indian army terrorism they are declared terrorists but when Indian authorities kill and torture Kashmiris, it’s something normal in the world’s Dictionary! Double standards at its best!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Indian Government.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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