Open Letter for my Syrian Sisters

Dear mother/sister/daughter,

They made you cry with pain when they took your country. They are still showing hate to you in the hosting countries too. They created this unbearable pain in your hearts… and yet are treating you that cheap in my country “Lebanon!”

Rise my dear, they are deaf they can’t hear you and too cruel with rusted hearts that can’t pity you. Those Lebanese perverts who are afraid from some Syrian Women, Children and Broken Men, you need to shut up your mouths please as you know nothing about “Humanity”!!

They showed hate in that “vox pop” clip taken by Annahar Newspaper! Xenophobic views against our Syrian brothers and sisters… HAVE THE LEBANESE FORGOT THAT THEY WERE THEMSELVES REFUGEES?! Shame on you!!

Stand up sister and put off the sadness behind.

We welcome you in our beautiful country, in your second country “LEBANON”. We welcome you in spite of all the hate in the sick hearts of some Lebanese people! Believe me sister, such stupid acts do not reflect the fact that we are ready to put you in our eyes and hearts. The video does not reflect the fact that the Lebanese Majority supports you and is standing by your side! Smile sister the sun will rise again.

We are supporting your case to the bones! I need our Syrian brothers and sisters to understand. I need them to know that, Lebanon has never been a country for exploitation, those Lebanese people who were talking in the back don’t reflect the majority of Lebanese who supports the Syrian Revolution! #Respect.


With Love,
A free man from Lebanon
Mouaaz Al Ajami


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