Afzal Guru’s Death… a violation of Human Rights!

The family of Afzal Guru (photo below) was kept completely uninformed about the hanging, which marks an open violation of human rights done by the Government.

I call the Indian Government to immediately handover the dead body of Guru to his family, so that it could be buried according to Islamic rituals. India can not defeat the Kashmiris by using force against them, India should be smarter concerning this matter.

Guru was hanged under draconian law, which shows clearly how the Judicial system in India is not free and courts are not independent and nobody should expect any justice from those courts. I call Indian civil society and International community to take notice of Guru’s death.

Days after Hanging Afzal Guru, a strict curfew was imposed in the streets of Kashmir, on Media, Internet, Newspapers, basic amenities. Full siege by Army was imposed against Kashmir. Shootings were everywhere addressed to anyone who protests. 5 dead according to Indian sources, no food, no gas! Nothing at all but a Full Siege!

The situation inside India wasn’t better though. Hindu extremists attacked Kashmiri protests at Jantar Mantar, Delhi. People were not allowed to pray or gather for praying! By these practices, India leaves a banner that says; “Welcome to “Caged Kashmir” where Indian Democracy & Secularism is in full swing”.

The funny thing during this was that the world kept silent all this time watching the largest so-called “Democratic Country” showing its fangs to its own people and violating their basic Human Rights “the Right to Protest and the Right of Expression.”

As you can see, the same scene as Syria! I believe Indian Government should be careful in dealing with those protesters and never let the extremists deal with them instead, sure in case the Government is willing to stay ruling this region.


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the Indian Government.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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