The so called “Freedom” in Lebanon!

I’ll start off my essay by a new Human Rights violation committed by the Lebanese Authorities today, just to put you in contact with the so called “Freedom” and “Human Rights” situation in Lebanon.

Today the Lebanese judiciary has delivered a Syrian dissident officer of the Syrian Authorities, after recognition of the Syrian officer that he belongs to the Free Syrian Army. The Syrian officer “Muhammad Tlass” was arrested and wounded during entering Lebanese territory illegally, he was fleeing from the brutality of the Syrian Regime. He didn’t want to kill his Syrian brothers and sisters; he refused such orders and decided to come to our so called Democratic Country “LEBANON”… Shame on our Government!!! This officer will face death in Syria as he will be executed because he refused to shoot the innocents, and our Government knows that very well!! Thus the Lebanese Court has neglected “as stipulated in Article III of the Convention against Torture, which requires” not to deport any alien to his country if his life was in danger”… in another word that means, Lebanon has committed a new Human Rights violation during the last 10 years!! A clear image about the Lebanese Democracy!!!!!!

The Arab spring did not make its way to our broken Lebanon yet, we need that!

Here in Lebanon we do believe that, Lebanon is the only Arab country that is now moving from Democracy to Dictatorship. The honest Lebanese people believe that the Syrian Revolution will bring us justice and dignity, as we the Lebanese suffered a lot from that regime, who stole our money and killed our active youths.

Yes, we are waiting our Freedom from the Syrian Revolution!! We can’t split ourselves from the Syrian situation, that’s a fact! The Lebanese government who is now a hand of the filthy Syrian Regime is trying to shut free mouths up by executing active youths whom are working with the Syrian Refugees, the Lebanese authorities have arrested, tortured and killed recently Human Rights activists in Lebanon, those who are easing the sufferings of their Syrian brothers! I do work with those refugees, all what we do is delivering some warm clothes, blankets, toys for the kids and food! Our so called democratic Government wont let us do that easily, they hate it, and I believe that’s a severe Human Rights violation committed day and night in Lebanon.

The increase of human rights violations in Lebanon has put Lebanon in a narrow place for those who fight Freedom of speech! The Freedom of speech I’m talking about is not that represented by the Hypocrites voices, is not the one represented by Liars who defends the Government, is not the one represented by those who bless the violations committed in Lebanon under any title. Some people will say; ” Oh, come on we all know how Lebanon got a lot of Freedom of speech represented by the hundreds of TV channels and NGOs”. Yes we do have hundreds of TV channels and NGOs but not single truth been said, media blackout plays a great role in Lebanon. I guess you guys should visit us someday!!

The year 2012 marked violations of civil liberties, and restrictions on human rights defenders, including:

– Interrogating lots of activists who work on reporting and monitoring Human Rights violations in the Lebanese prisons against backdrop of reports of torture in Lebanese prisons.

– The claims addressed by the Internal Security Forces for the activists and defenders of the rights of prisoners of Roumyeh prison and charging them of promoting pictures of torture from Roumyeh prison.

– Abductions and arbitrary detentions being committed by the lebanese Army Intelligence for those who are active concerning the Syrian file, who works on distributing food and helps in providing them shelters, like what happened few days ago in Ersal village (Bekaa), Akkar (Tripoli), Al-Biri village (West Bekaa) etc….

– Lack of security in Lebanon due to the spread weapon between the people, especially Hezbullah illegal weapon which was used recently in too many ways against Lebanese and Syrian people in Lebanon who supports the Syrian Revolution. Knowing that Hezbollah and its allies got the biggest number of seats in this Government, thus they are ruling it the way Iran wants!

– The Abductions of Syrian activists committed by Hezbollah thugs covered by the Lebanese Government.

Sure, I’m not going to mention it all. Truth is something hard to be acceptable, but finally it will be raised up.

I demand for a Lebanese Revolution against our Government and against Hezbollah who controls now both security and justice. We are really in need for such movement, we should work on that!

Long Live the REVOLUTION!

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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