Lebanese authorities violate Human Rights


Today the Lebanese judiciary has delivered a Syrian dissident officer of the Syrian Authorities “Muhammad Tlass”. After a recognition that he belongs to the Free Syrian Army, Tlass was arrested and wounded during entering Lebanese territory illegally. He was fleeing from the brutality of the Syrian Regime. He didn’t want to kill his Syrian brothers and sisters, he refused such orders and decided to come to our so-called Democratic Country “LEBANON”. Lebanese authorities thus, arrested him and is working on deporting him to the Syrian authorities!

Shame on the Lebanese Government. No doubt that this officer will face death in Syria as he will be executed because he refused to shoot the innocents, he refused the military orders and our Government knows that very well as it’s ruled by Hezbullah’s Military Party nowadays, who supports ASSad to the bones! They don’t care for innocents, slaughtering is their profession!

By doing that, the Lebanese Court which is looking on Tlass’s case will be neglecting “as stipulated in Article III of the Convention against Torture, which requires” not to deport any alien to his country if his life was in danger”… a clear image about the Lebanese Democracy!

Congratulations Lebanon, Hezbullah now controls both security and justice… Blessed we are the Lebanese! 🙂


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the Lebanese Government.

Mouaaz AL Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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