Deir Ba’albeh Massacre in Syria


These harrowing words are from the testimony of a survivor (photo below) of the massacre in Deir Ba’albeh, Homs on December 29th 2012. His family was killed in front of him. He was shot three times and blinded in one eye, but managed miraculously to survive.
”The army began by shelling the village heavily with rockets. After that Shabiha (Regime bandits) entered the village. They then began a massacre, slaughtering children with knives, raping women then killing them.

The men were organised into three rows, each with about sixty men; I was in the middle row. Then [the regime troops] opened fire.
We collapsed on top of each other…there were piles of martyrs’ bodies. The blood was gushing like a water tap. I was hit by three bullets [pointing to above his eye, his arm and shoulder where the bullets hit him]. I wasn’t dead. I laid still, pretending to be dead. At night I crept out from under the bodies and hid between water tanks until they came in the morning and took all the bodies and burnt them…”
At this point, the survivor burst into tears, saying, “They slaughtered my children before my eyes and I don’t know anything about where my family are.”

Some people who I faced keep barking about what they call “Atrocities committed by the Free Syrian Army :D”. I ask those hypocrites to give me one evidence about the brutality they call of the FSA. One evidence about the slaughtering of kids with knives they do, the raping of women , and the shelling of cities by the explosive barrels. But could you please provide some authentic evidences this time?! Not like those shown up by ASSad’s TV (Al-Dunia) or the ones who Walid Al-Mua’allem (Syrian Foreign Minister) showed us that day on TV and yet we discovered that the videos he used were related to some Lebanese groups in Lebanon and all the photos and videos were taken in Lebanon!!

Almost 4,000 Syrian children have been killed so far in ASSad’s war on Syria. Tens of thousands and more are maimed and wounded, all are traumatized and terrorized..Question for World leaders; How many murdered children will it take to make a “red line” by a regime that sees them as legitimate targets?!


#Monitoring_Human_Rights_violations committed by the Syrian Regime.

Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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