That’s Insane and You’re not Responsible!

Why you do that?! Are you obliged to put yourself in risk for other’s lives?! That’s insane, and you’re not responsible! You should focus on your studies instead! It’s something I used to hear from people around me, from friends and sometimes even from my parents!

The Syrian Conflict had put more than 1 million+ innocents out of their homeland and out of their houses!  About 170,000+ persons have fled the war there heading to Lebanon, as it’s the nearest country to them, culturally and geographically.

As a Human Rights activist, and a defender of oppressed people, I decided with some active Lebanese and Syrian youth in Lebanon to help those innocents as the majority of them are women and children, helping them sometimes finding shelters, distributing some food, blankets for the heavy winter, essential stuff for living, toys for the cold kids, and the most important… easing their pain.

I visited once a Syrian refugee family which I’ve been told that, this family is living in a ONE ROOM APARTMENT! On that day I went with one of my Syrian/Kurdish friend who is also active in Human Rights field. The family consists of the Father, the Mother and 4 young girls, the oldest is at the 9th class (I think 14 yr old) and a young boy named “Mamdouh” (12 yr old) and their grandmother.

You wont believe how our meeting went, it went exactly like movies, I swear to god, this family lives with two other families one of the two consists of a husband and his wife only and the second consists of a husband and his wife and a young child. These three families live in one apartment and they do pay $300 for the apartment per month! The problem is that they divide the amount like $150 for the first family (big one) and the rest $150 (for the two other families combined).

No one works in the family we were visiting at that time, and they were not paying the fees, as they couldn’t afford a stable monthly income covering the $150. The young girls were without school. The father works in painting houses domain, that was his profession before leaving Syria, but here in Lebanon he does not have a stable job, it’s something normal in this small country with its limited capabilities.

What I want to say, that I swear by the name of God, I couldn’t endure seeing how the young girls were circling us and looking towards us with their colorful, beautiful, and tearful eyes as if we are the ones who will ease their sufferings and the ones who will put an end for their pain. For a moment, I felt as if we were sent by God himself for this mission, or maybe we were some kind of mercy angels whom were sent from heavens for the purpose of easing the suffering of oppressed people on earth! Unbelievable!

The girls circled me and my Kurdish colleague touching us with their cold and small fingers, they wanted to convince us that they need us, they need our assistance. The father didn’t utter a word, I swear, not a word! Everytime I ask him about their needs, he says nothing but the blessings of God. He needs nothing from this tough life, ASSad has taught him that life means nothing without freedom! ASSad was a good teacher though! The mother was trying to convince us that the apartment does not worth $300 for rent, and how 12 or 13 persons are living day and night in one room and using one toilet!

The grandmother, was repeatedly cursing Bashar al-ASSad, “may God take him to hell, he killed us, tortured us, raped our girls and raped our land”. I couldn’t hide my joy when I heard her words, grandmas are pain relievers though! ASSad thugs slaughtered her old son few weeks before they have moved to Lebanon he was just an armless protester, calling for Freedom, exactly like the rest in the broken Syria, she cried! My Kurdish colleague couldn’t handle it, he went out, I don’t blame him, It was really cold inside, few so-called blankets for the young children only, I would not use any for myself, it’s warm enough staying cold than using them!

When we first visited the family, the strong young man who is 12 yr old “Mamdouh” wasn’t there, he works in a carpenter’s shop! Yes, he works in this tough domain and he’s 12 yr old only! His sisters told him later that two persons came to their house and they will help them to pay the fees of the house! I did visit them again, I went alone, I brought them $200 as a donation from a British wonderful mother whom I was introduced to by a Philippini strong man who lives in Saudi Arabia. I delivered the money in addition to some fruits and food… and that’s it! Some worthless $200 were enough to make the small lips smile! Wow! That’s what I concluded that day,  I believe we can do more!



Arab’s Sharon “Hafez ASSad”

After the entry of the Syrian forces to Lebanon, the former Israeli Prime Minister at that time “Yitzhak Rabin” said; “Israel does not find a reason to prevent the Syrian army from incursion in Lebanon, this army is attacking Palestinians, and our intervention then would be to provide assistance to the Palestinians, and we must not bother the Syrian forces during the killing of Palestinians, the good results are obvious for us”.

The Soviet Union and France at that time announced and welcomed Syrian meddling in Lebanon.

Yaser Arafat said: “that Arabs Sharon (Hafez ASSad) had besieged us from the land, and Jew’s Sharon had besieged us from the sea”.


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Syrian Regime.


Deir Ba’albeh Massacre


These harrowing words are from the testimony of a survivor (photo below) of the massacre in Deir Ba’albeh, Homs which took place on December 29th 2012. His family was killed in front of his eyes. He was shot three times and blinded in one eye, but managed miraculously to survive.

”The army began by shelling the village heavily with rockets. After that Shabiha (Regime bandits) entered the village. They then began a massacre, slaughtering children with knives, raping women then killing them.

The men were organised into three rows, each with about sixty men; I was in the middle row. Then the regime troops opened fire on us.

We collapsed on top of each other, there were piles of martyrs’ bodies. The blood was gushing like a water tap. I was hit by three bullets – pointing to above his eye, his arm and shoulder where the bullets hit him. I wasn’t dead. I laid still, pretending to be dead until their withdrawal.

At night I crept out from under the bodies and hid between water tanks until they came in the morning and took all the bodies and burnt them”.

At this point, the survivor burst into tears, saying, “They slaughtered my children before my eyes and I know nothing about my family now”.

Some people who I face on daily basis keep barking about what they call “Atrocities committed by the Free Syrian Army – FSA”. I always ask those hypocrites to provide one documented or undocumented evidence about the brutality they claim FSA is committing while fighting back injustice. One evidence about the slaughtering of kids with knives they do, the raping of women, and the shelling of cities by explosive barrels.

However, can you please provide some real and authentic evidences this time? Not the kind of the so-called “evidences” shown up by ASSad’s TV Channel (Al-Dunia) or that of which the shameless Walid Al-Mua’allem (Syrian Foreign Minister) presented that day on TV and yet it was discovered afterwards that the videos he played were fake and related to some groups in Lebanon, and that all the photos and videos were taken in Lebanon but not Syria, which left him in an embarrassed situation before the whole world.

Almost 4,000 Syrian children have been killed so far in ASSad’s war on Syria. Tens of thousands and more are maimed and wounded, all are traumatized and terrorized.

Question for World leaders; How many murdered children will it take to make a “red line” by a regime that sees children as legitimate targets?!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Syrian Regime.