Syria… The ongoing Tragedy!


2011 passed,, 2012 passed,, and we are going into 2013.

But the FREE MEN are still here, never going to surrender.

They were slaughtered, they were murdered, they were tortured, sniped, shelled, dismembered and exploded etc.! They died because of pain, they died because of cold, they died because of chemical weapons and gases!!

The Syrian Heroes tried each way of death! But they didn’t die of fear. HATS OFF for those Brave men!!
No fear after today from Assad.
Let him do what he wants. Let him kill them all with any kind of weapon he wants.

With the world’s silence, and worldwide government impotence, we will remain standing tall with heads up high to the side of those MEN. Let the whole world know, from east to west, that we bow only to God and no one else. We shall and will be victorious.
Long Live Free Syria! Long Live the Free Syrian Army!

#Syria 2013
Greetings from Lebanon!
with love,


Mouaaz Al Ajami

Beirut, Lebanon


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