Indian Double Standards towards Kashmiris

Occupied Kashmir:

We all know that the Indian Government raped after the withdrawal of the British occupation troops thousands of Kashmiri people and other oppressed minorities like Sikhs, Christians and Muslims in Assam, Manipur, Orissa etc. And we’ve seen how the Indian Government stood and killed those who were protesting against Indian rapists and now when it comes to them they stand with the protesters of Delhi! WHAT A SHAME!

I strongly believe that India works on hiding its crimes in occupied Kashmir under the pretext of Delhi rape. Thousands of innocent mothers and sisters in Kashmir are still waiting for justice! Shame on the criminal India and its biased media.

Really, what a shame! Even General Bk Singh Army Chief of Hindustan joined the protests! Okay man, that’s cool! But what about the raping of 30,000+ women in Kashmir? Is raping them considered as a legal action in your constitution? I believe that the Indian Constitution provides immunity to them but the case now related to a Hindu Girl (a first degree citizen) not a Kashmiri second degree citizen as they claim! Now, I see things clearly! Go protest you hypocrites!  If you people consider yourselves Humans, why don’t you protest against the mass rapes in Kashmir?!

Despite all these violations against innocent minorities in India, I condemn the gang rape in Delhi because I’m a HUMAN and not a BEAST like Indian thugs! But at the same time I condemn the state sponsored rapes done by Indian soldiers in Kashmir as well! Justice for All, is it that difficult…?!

Yes I condemn  all the means of injustice done by the Indian Government and that’s essential as it is my job to expose the practices of Indian authorities against the minorities in India! As I mentioned before, India is hiding its crimes in occupied Kashmir and is trying to raise the gang rape crime by media as much as it can in order to let people be sympathized with this crime and to make sure they will fight for keeping such regime in India. Actually, I blame the pro-regime people, since I strongly believe that it’s not about the government only, it’s about a parallel system running there. Indian Hindus majority don’t care about Muslims of Kashmir and any other minority including Sikhs!

One day a Kashmiri friend and activist told me that; “the Majority of Indian Muslims are spineless, they never raise voice other than in Indian occupied Hyderabad Deccan, they can gather 100,000 people to protest against the so-called Shia Genocide in Pakistan but they will neither speak against Hindus nor to call for justice for the real Muslims in Kashmir! And the International Muslim community leaders of OIC “Organisation of Islamic Conference” simply don’t care about Kashmir in general, and that’s my friend the reason of our suffering! One generation of us is wiped off in 1990s just because no one supported us!”

Down with double standards!


Monitoring Human Rights violations committed by the Indian Government.